News : Yannick Nonnweiler is dead: “Sportfreunde Köllerbach” kicker dies unexpectedly at the age of 24

News :

Yannick Nonnweiler is dead: "Sportfreunde Köllerbach" kicker dies unexpectedly at the age of 24

Yannick Nonnweiler, striker of Sportfreunde Köllerbach, died at the age of 24. (Icon) Image: Fotolia / roxcon

Size mourning around Yannick Nonnweiler. The ex-U18 international and striker Sportfreunde Köllerbach (6th league) died unexpectedly. The young footballer was only 24 years old. This reports, among other things, the "Bild" newspaper on Friday morning.

Yannick Nonnweiler is dead: "Sportfreunde Köllerbach" striker suddenly died

According to the report, the young athlete was already bad on Saturday. The deceased should have complained, inter alia, about language problems and headaches. His father then took the young footballer to the hospital, where Nonnenweiler suddenly collapsed. Doctors brought the 24-year-old with a helicopter to the university hospital in Homburg. But for the young man, any help came too late. On Tuesday, Yannick Nonnweiler died at the age of only 24.

The cause of death is unclear Yannick Nonnweiler dies at the age of only 24

What exactly the "Sportfreunde Köllerbach" kicker died is still unclear. According to "image" the exact cause of death is still being investigated. After the death of the sixth-league player, his club canceled all games for the upcoming weekend. Friends and companions of the young footballer reacted shocked to the sad news of death.

Friends and colleagues grieve for deceased athletes

In an emotional obituary, the SF Köllerbach expresses his grief. "You are not just our player, you are our friend, straightforward, always honest, a heart of gold, always correct, always exemplary, always fair ... Our thoughts on you will always make us happy lives on in our hearts ", it says in the statement of the team.

The 1. FC Kaiserslautern writes on Facebook: "In deep sadness, we are in thoughts with his wife, his family and his friends." Also the 1. FC Saarbrücken, where Nonnweiler was active as a youth player, reacted dismayed at the sudden death of the athlete.

Yannick Nonnweiler was already on the pitch with Timo Werner

In his career Nonnweiler played among others in Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken and Petingen (Luxembourg). In the season 2010/11 played Nonnweiler together with Timo Werner in the U-17 of VfB Stuttgart. In addition, he had 2011 under coach Christian Ziege two missions in the U18 national team, ran in Italy, among others, alongside Matthias Ginter and Maximilian Arnold.

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