News : Yehualaw Half Marathon World Record on Antrim Coast

News : Yehualaw Half Marathon World Record on Antrim Coast

Yehualaw, on his arrival at the finish line after achieving the Record / Antrim Coast

It occurred this Sunday morning. Yalemzerf Yehualaw has achieved the World Record for half marathon with a time of 63:43 in the Antrim Coast Half Marathon, a test that takes place in a beautiful area of ​​Northern Ireland, among green meadows and that usually has quite adverse climates, so it is unusual for big marks to be produced there. But the Ethiopian has made the race of her life (she had 64:40 PB achieved in Istanbul a few months ago) to become the first woman in history to go down from 64 minutes in the 21 kilometers. Tremendous.

Six minutes to the second

Yehualaw was the great favorite to win, so it was not surprising that she crossed the finish line in first position ahead of the Kenyan Nyamboke, who was second with 69:44 (six minutes!). Third was the British Harvey with 70:28. The Ethiopian, who has run at a pace of 3:01 / km to overcome the previous world record, held by the Kenyan Ruth Chepngetich (64:02).

The men’s race has been taken by his compatriot, Jamal Yimmer, with a more discreet time of 60:29.

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