News : "Yellow tears"; Egan Bernal's most emotional letter

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"Yellow tears"; Egan Bernal's most emotional letter

In this life everything happens for some reason. Just ask Egan Bernal. Our protagonist suffered a clavicle fracture 7 days after starting the Giro d'Italia that threw out all Team Ineos plans for the first big lap of the season. But optimists say that Every cloud has a silver lining and Egan's good is the clear example of that.

If a misfortune does not prevent it, Bernal will be the first Colombian in history to win the Tour de France. A victory that will unleash the madness in the South American country and of which we are glad many fans of this sport.

Bernal's triumph is the triumph of an entire country that has been waiting for a "beetle" for years to arrive in Paris in yellow. But also It is the victory of surrender, perseverance and humility. Values ​​that Egan has shown on more than one occasion to carry in his DNA.

To Zipaquirá nobody has given him anything beyond extraordinary and innate conditions for climbing. Bernal beat poverty and today did the same with the Tour de France.

It was 2014 when Bernal posted a help call on his personal Facebook profile. A personal request in the form of economic or mood collaboration that carried a declaration of intent. Something like "help me take care of the rest." Said and done. 5 years later Bernal keeps his word and gets the coveted yellow jersey.

egan bernal cycling charter
Egan Bernal I sacrifice, perseverance and humility in equal parts. No doubt a true example to follow.

A Cheerful and fun boy who had to overcome the economic difficulties to reach the top. As it is clear in the letter that I have rescued and I share next, Egan knows well what the sacrifice is and the inconvenience of having to ask for financial help to fulfill your dreams. An educated and tremendously familiar young man who has never stopped fighting for his goals until he achieves them. Egan is joy and optimism and according to those who know him, a true example of humility over short distances. A runner who, unlike Nairo Quintana, has always been away from controversy and with sports empathy towards teammates. The very young Ineos cyclist has always respected the hierarchy of the team (see Tour 2018) and for this reason he is loved and respected by everyone. In his social networks he is always active and transparent. His YouTube channel managed by his girlfriend Xiomy Guerrero has become a national trend.

With the yellow tears of Bernal, whole Colombia takes a weight off and finally resolves what had already become a state obsession

Egan Bernal is with Peter Sagan the greatest talent of the last 30 years. I allow myself the luxury of affirming this because I have been following the Colombian sports career since 2015 when I saw him live winning the bronze in the MTB world championship in Andorra. I quickly realized that this runner had something different from the rest and a talent scout like Gianni Savio quickly recruited him for his Androni Giocattoli with just 18 years.

A server was also lucky to witness Egan's debut in the professional category. A team time trial in Banyoles of the missing Mediterranean Tour and in which his team finished ninth. I remember perfectly how Egan was an absolute stranger. On a rainy and cold February morning, the Colombian was absolutely unnoticed and very few fans of those who were there (there were four cats) imagined that they faced the future winner of the Tour de France.

At 22 years old, the media pressure has not weighed and in this Tour 2019 comes the first great moment of his sports career (I guess more will come). With the yellow tears of Bernal, whole Colombia takes a weight off and finally resolves what had already become a state obsession. At the beginning of the year I already anticipated that Bernal was capable of everything and 5 months later the high mountain has proved me right.

A runner who has always worn the colors of the Colombian flag with pride and who in all public statements does not wrinkle in affirming that his priority is to bring the name of Colombia to the top. Said and done.

Bernal has always been delighted with the successes of his countrymen. Union and not competition.

Egan has his first Tour de France but I'm very afraid that Colombians will not want to wake up from this # yellow dream and fight together to continue adding wins. Egan Bernal has it ALL to mark an era. Talent, perseverance and humility as important as necessary.

If you want to see how the Colombian media lived, the triumph of Bernal I recommend that you take a look at this story. Turn up the volume and enjoy the Colombian passion in its purest form.

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