News : You can already listen to the program 2 × 21 of the Radio del Corredor

News :

You can already listen to the program 2 × 21 of the Radio del Corredor

The 21st program of the second season of Radio del Corredor is here. After the story of 'Things Happen' and the interview with the marathoner Javi Guerra, in this 21st edition we chatted with two other figures of our athletics. Fernando Carro comes from doing in Rome in the Diamond League personal brand in the 3,000 obstacles (minimum for Doha and Tokyo), while Julia Takacs It is a worldwide star of the march.

We get on the Chariot of a different athlete

They say it represents neighborhood athletics, the essence of the popular runner within a natural competitor. It does not stop to surpass itself and to beat its dreams. The latest, a better personal brand that has reported the minimum for the World Cup and the Tokyo Games. In one go. Fernando Carro flew in Rome in the Diamond League and he tells us that with that weight on him, he just wants to run to feel good and improve his records. Forged in the Madrid neighborhood of San Blas-Canillejas, Carro spreads passion and energy. He says that his running is very effective even though his style is not the most orthodox. Well, it tells us about that and about an infinity of things ...

July Takacs, Doha and the disappearance of 50 in Tokyo

He arrived at the age of 14 to Madrid, reluctantly from Hungary. The passion for the march had already awakened within her. The only requirement to his parents with the change of country was to be able to continue training. At 29 and with a European medal in your pocket, July Takacs is one of our best marketers. He has specialized in the 50 kilometers, which will disappear from the Olympic program in Tokyo. Go to the Doha World Cup. Of his career, his ups and downs and all a little talk with us on the Radio del Corredor.

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