News : You can never trust Adrián Ben

News : You can never trust Adrián Ben


No Spaniard has managed to be an Olympic finalist in 800. And in a distance in which he has run in 1’43 ”in the previous one, it seems even an injustice to think about it. But you can never trust Adrián.

We all believe not.

That seems like an impossible mission.

That no Spanish has succeeded.

That in a test in which people like Nijel Amos, Korir, Murphy, Jewett, Hoppel, Arop, Giles, Dustin or Dobek live it even seems an injustice ask that of Adrián Ben, at 22 years old.

That in a test in which Ferguson Rotich has run in 1’43 ″ 75 in the previous one it seems almost inhuman.

But these are the moments that make an athlete legendary.

And what do you want me to tell you, in a race that has never been run, anything can happen.

There are happy exaggerations.

The easiest thing is to say no, but we always have uncertainty, which can be very interesting.

Tomás de Teresa told me in writing today, which was Finalist in 800 at the World Cup in Tokyo 91:

“I see at least 12 athletes better than him. But it has fight and claw and the states of form are always a mystery ”.

Besides, who was going to tell Adrián Ben that he was going to be a finalist in the Doha World Cup?

I remember that then, in the semifinal, his coach Arturo Martín told him:

“Adrian, we just have to go running, go at our own pace and not commit suicide ”.

That semifinal was a race in which the Qatari Abdallah came out to kill (23’11 ”the 200 and 48’70” the 400) and in which Adrián Ben knew how to go about his business.

He passed the 400 in 50’96 “and, in the end, he got in times: 1’44 ″ 97

And now?

We would all sign that that time be repeated.

It might give you some choice.

Insist that it is very difficult It is the same as saying nothing.

We are here to be optimistic while remaining realistic.

Arturo, his coach, is a man who says, “800 is a test for young people who have to run young”, and Adrián complies with that rule.

He’s not even 23 years old yet: he turns them on August 4.

Being so young, Adrián Ben meets almost all the conditions to classify him as a killer.

I’ve already remembered Doha.

It only remains for me to add that of these people you can never trust.

At his age, he has plenty of personality: the rational does not clash with the emotional.

Great moments also strengthen your energy.

To believe in him is to believe in a guy who has given us reason to believe.

“Look, boy, talent is not all here,” Arturo Martín told him when he arrived in Madrid. There are some who succeed and others who do not. Above all, you have to be prepared if one day you get injured because then the Blume can be eternal, endless.

Last year Ben was injured and he also knew how to win that battle.

The best of him is yet to be seen.

“An athlete it takes eight years in achieving high performance ”, recalls his coach and Adrián Ben is in that process.

Arturo Martín also repeats a phrase that makes him different:

“The work I have already done. I want luck ”.

And why isn’t luck going to accompany Adrián Ben until the Olympic final?

“I myself would have said that it would be impossible to go to the final,” admitted Arturo Martín on his return from the Doha 2019 World Cup.

And yet …

Things are clear.

Things are clear since that young man came to Madrid at 19 from Viveiro, “where you were a star”, the coach made him see. “Your name came up almost every day in regional newspapers, There is a popular race that bears your name, the sports center of your school and, however, here in Madrid centralism makes us sick. The athletes are not known even in the Municipal Board of their neighborhoods ”.

But Adrián Ben, far from being small before the immensity, continues to defy history.

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