News : You can now listen to the 2×24 program of the Radio del Corredor

News :

You can now listen to the 2x24 program of the Radio del Corredor

We returned with force on the Radio del Corredor with the program number 24 of the second season. Actuality in its purest state with the visit to our podcast of one of the names of our marathon this 2019, a Dani Mateo who literally `` broke '' it at the Doha World Cup achieving a spectacular tenth place (the best classification of a Spanish since 2008) in extreme conditions in the capital of Qatar. In addition, we chatted with the person in charge of the stock of the Stock Exchange of the Corridor, Josep Gil, who shelters us by heart these 'supersonic' sneakers that everyone talks about, the Vaprofly, and also tells us about the advances that were appreciated in which Kipchoge put on his record in Vienna, the AlphaFly.

Dani Mateo, a hero in Doha

He had prepared himself thoroughly, had studied the extreme conditions he would encounter in Doha, and the truth is that his performance was little less than spectacular. Tenth of the world, third best European and holding the pace for Africans First level for much of the test. Dani Mateo tells us what his feelings were about the Qatari asphalt and gives us his most sincere opinion about the dilemma that flies over all the gatherings in the world of athletics, the incidence of these Nike shoes that everyone talks about.

Everything we need to know about the famous ‘Vaporfly’

Josep Gil, responsible for material at La Bolsa del Corredor, has tested hundreds, thousands of models and brands of shoes. That's why we asked what makes these Nike Vaporfly so special. Kipchoge shot his popularity in his famous Monza Breaking2 and since then more and more elite athletes carry them in any race. In addition, although Nike has not offered official data on the AlphaFly that Kipchoge wore in Vienna, we analyze what changes and advances they introduce.

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