News : You can now listen to the 2×25 program of the Radio del Corredor

News :

You can now listen to the 2x25 program of the Radio del Corredor

Image of our new program of the Radio del Corredor

The Valencia Marathon will pass to the annals of the history of Spanish athletics for what it was, the best played so far in our country and a festival of brands and brilliant performances that left everyone speechless. From a careful organization to the millimeter to a series of fondistas who arrived at their best point to the appointment, in the Valencian streets there was something unique and that has no signs of lowering in intensity or results in the coming times.

In the 25th program of the second edition of our podcast we chat with the 'alma mater', with the person best knows all the work behind and that is able to calibrate with a higher dose of reality the result of everything that happened in the city of Turia. It is Juan Botella, manager of the organizing club, the SD Roadrunner. In addition, we chatted with the athlete Houssame Benabbou, who debuted with an Olympic minimum in the distance.

A few numbers that remove the hiccups

Valencia sought to become the sixth best marathon in the world and approach (more if possible) the ‘majors’. Valencia was looking for the 10k world record to say goodbye to the distance, which will no longer be present in the next edition of the event. Valencia was looking for his best records, both male and female. And all that he did. And much more. Juan Botella goes through the magazine and details all the achievements and figures of a marathon that will always remain in the memory.

Benabbou, the marathoner who voted for more than 15 years to fulfill a dream

Despite arriving in Spain for only seven years and residing for most of his life, Houssame Benabbou's toughest career was to achieve nationality and fulfill the dream of being international. More than 15 years of petitions, bureaucracy and paperwork until finally he could hang the medals of the championships he won with total justice. In Valencia the Extremaduran athlete debuted with only 26 years in the distance of the Philippi and did so with an Olympic minimum (2:10:45) and leaving magnificent sensations. He tells us his story on Radio del Corredor.

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