News : You can now listen to the 2×25 program of the Radio del Corredor

News :

You can now listen to the 2x25 program of the Radio del Corredor

Taking advantage of the imminence of a Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon that will be again on December 1 in the focus of world athletics, we dedicate the program number 25 of the second season of the Radio del Corredor to make a special of its 39th edition. Again with a poster of elite athletes of the highest level, the test has established itself as one of the best marathons on the planet. We chat with the manager of the SD Road Runner, organizing club, Juan Bottle, possibly the person who best knows the ins and outs of this already mythical test of the annual calendar. In addition, the Manchego athlete Chiki Pérez, who debuts in the distance in Valencia, tells us his feelings before the appointment.

All the details of the Valencia Marathon with Juan Bottle

Surely few people get an idea of ​​the barbarity of numbers and device that hides a test like the Valencia Marathon. 25,000 registered (registrations closed for months) with their respective companions (along with the 10k) that will flood the streets, hotels and the most emblematic places of the city of Turia from several days before the test dispute on Sunday, December 1. Volunteers, television production, broker's bag, everything Juan Bottle tells us.

Chiki Pérez, one of the most anticipated releases

After literally 'going out' in the Valencia average a couple of weeks ago, Chiki Pérez will focus a good part of the spotlights on Sunday's appointment 1. The manchego became the second fastest Spanish in history to run the 21 kilometers . Everything in the middle of preparing for its premiere in the distance of Philippi It has been running for months. In the Radio del Corredor we talked about this preparation, about its exhibition in the 21 kilometers and on many other topics, such as that Tokyo marathon.

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