News : You can now listen to the 2×29 program of the Radio del Corredor

News :

You can now listen to the 2x29 program of the Radio del Corredor

Image of the 2x29 program of the Radio del Corredor

A new edition of our podcast on running with the best characters in the world of athletics and races marked in red on the national and international calendar is underway. Without going any further, in this episode number 29 of the second season we present two very first level events that will also take place on the same weekend. March 14 and 15 there will be thrills in abundance with the 10k disputes of Laredo and the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona.

The "probably fastest race in the world" returns: Laredo 10k

One more year is one of the fastest and "flying" tests on the international scene. A classic that takes place in a peaceful town of just 11,000 inhabitants located in Cantabria and revolutionizes the tranquility of its streets for just half an hour. We talked about the 10k of Laredo, which will bring together some of the best fondistas on the planet (among them the Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo, who is looking for the test record, or the Spaniards Carlos Mayo and Toni Abadía, who pursue the Spanish Record of distance held by Abadía precisely in Laredo 2018) in a very fast circuit. 2,000 lucky people (the same day they left the inscriptions were sold out) from a host of nationalities and autonomous communities that will seek to fly in this race organized by Jonathan Flores, who tells us all the details of this 2020 edition.

The 42 edition of the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona

Most romantic number impossible for lovers of the distance of Philippi. The Zurich Marathon of Barcelona 2020 will once again host one of the most anticipated events of the season and in which athletes from all over the world will meet in search of a long and hard 'walk' through the beautiful city of Barcelona and all its points of cultural interest. Cristian Llorens, its technical director, gives us all the keys of the test to be held on March 15 and that at the results level it will seek to reissue the test records.

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