News : Yugeta, the 62-year-old Japanese woman who ran her 109th marathon at 4: 00 / km

News : Yugeta, the 62-year-old Japanese woman who ran her 109th marathon at 4: 00 / km

Yugeta is breaking all the molds / BEN SNIDER-MCGRATH

It is, obviously, the current world record holder of the 42,195km. In 2017 she became the fastest 58-year-old woman ever in the marathon after stopping the clock at 2:58:15 at home in Tokyo. It was already a spectacular record for a woman born in 1958. But Mariko Yugeta had no intention of stopping there. I dreamed big. Two years later, in 2019, already turning 60, the Japanese woman fell below three hours, this time at the Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon (2:59:15). He continued to make history.

But the best and most spectacular was yet to come. Just a month and a half ago (on January 31), in Osaka, Yugeta (62 years old) again surpassed himself. This time in style. He made a record of 2:52:13. Always personal best and completing the distance of Filípides at a pace of 4: 04 / km. An absolute and complete outrage.

A month and a half later, 2:54:27

The ‘Runner’s World Japan’ colleagues have chatted with Yugeta, who this Sunday, in the Nagoya Women’s Marathon, with 5,000 participants, stopped the clock at 2:54:27 in unfavorable conditions. I hadn’t had enough for nothing and Despite having run a marathon less than two months ago, with the wear and tear that this implies, he has returned to the asphalt. One more of this Japanese school that never ceases to amaze us week after week. Without going any further, a couple of weeks ago, in Emoto, Satoshi Emoto achieved the World Record of a 48-year-old athlete in half a marathon. He stopped the clock at 66:28, at 3:09 / km. Crazy.

Benoit Samuelson, an inspiration

After running in the middle of his high school stage, the ‘marathon click’ was done by Yugeta in 1979, when she attended the world’s first women’s-only marathon. It was in Tokyo. “They were so strong, so tough. I wanted that from the first moment ”. No sooner said than done. Three years later it debuted with a mark of 3:09:21. Then she got married, had her first daughter, and put off that marathon run for a bit, at least on a more professional level. She was fascinated by the first women’s Olympic marathon, in which she was captivated by Benoit Samuelson. “We were more or less the same age. If things had gone differently, that could have been me, “he says.

Things changed when he turned 50. With your youngest son in high school, had more time to train. He joined a high-level amateur club to practice night sessions in central Tokyo. In 2012, at 54, Yugeta ran the Ohtwara Marathon in 3:01. Turning 55, he set national records of +55 in 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters, 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters on the track. At 56, she was inspired again by Benoit Samuelson, who at 57 had run a marathon in 2:54:26. And at 58 he came down for the first time of three hours in the distance of Filípides. He did it at the Osaka International Marathon (2:58:15). Since then, you know …

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