News : Yuki Kawauchi's five-hour 'little slice'

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Yuki Kawauchi's five-hour 'little slice'

Yuki Kawauchi, in an image from when he won

The legend of Yuki Kawauchi does not stop growing. At the Stock Market of the Runner we told you some time ago the story of this inveterate and passionate marathoner who until just a few months ago combined his activity as an athlete with that of a janitor at the University of Saitama. As a result of his famous victory in the 2018 Boston Marathon, the Japanese has already turned professional and left his job. Kawauchi is a totally unusual long-distance runner, he usually runs between 10 and 12 marathons a year (the normal thing is to run a maximum of two and for example Kipchoge last year only participated in that famous INEOS 1:59 Challenge).

1.5 marathons and over 4,000 calories

In total, Yuki has participated in more than 100 marathons (he is 33 years old) and continues with the same passion and regularity, because he has not retired in any of them. The 'Asics' athlete married a few months ago with the also athlete Yuko Mizugichi (2:31:39 (marathon), 1:11:93 (1/2 marathon) and 32:10:15 in the 10,000), for what we can say that his life breathes athletics on all four sides. To celebrate the ‘Global Running Day’, Kawauchi has posted a shoot on his social networks that simply leaves you porridge just watching him. 63.31 kilometers, 5: 08h, a pace of 4:52 / km and a total of 4,104 calories burned. As he himself comments, it is exactly the equivalent of 1.5 marathons.

To celebrate, Yuki has been given a spectacular tribute in the form of food. A soup, rice, salad, meat, dessert cakes, banana and other hardly identifiable agapes. Crack!

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