News : Zidane boldly countered? Ceballos denies AS report

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Zidane boldly countered? Ceballos denies AS report

Daniel Ceballos refers to a report of the AS in the realm of fables, after the Spaniard should have given his coach Zinédine Zidane a cheeky response.

"I did not want to continue working with you"

MADRID. Next lie the AS? Daniel Ceballos sees himself forced on Monday evening to respond to a report by the Madrid daily. This quoted the 22-year-old Spaniard as follows, after Zinédine Zidane allegedly told him not to plan with him: "No problem, mister. I did not want to continue working with you. "

Ceballos reacts: "Distinguish me deeply"

More details, when the conversation should have taken place, no matter which AS-editor wants to know about it, missing. Published in the morning, the quote spread quickly, until Ceballos via Twitter the entire stop.

"In view of the information published today in some media, which I would rather not mention, I would like to point out that at no time was one of my private discussions with a person from the technical staff of Real Madrid made public. Likewise, I dissatisfy myself from the statements attributed to me in this matter in this context. After all, I think it's very unprofessional and that publishing this kind of fake news is out of place, especially if we work and fight for such an important international tournament as the U21 European Championship with the Spanish national team. "

Did Ceballos uncover AS's next lie? After all, the midfielder and the French coach are said not to have a good relationship, and last summer, Ceballos would most likely have gone the distance if Zidane had not come before him. Nevertheless, the Spaniard does not plan a departure and "Wants to achieve great things" and yet, do not give him many chances to stay.

This article was written by Nils Kern

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