News : Zurita, the 15-year-old ‘child prodigy’ from Extremadura who made 47.60 in 400

News : Zurita, the 15-year-old ‘child prodigy’ from Extremadura who made 47.60 in 400

David García Zurita ran a 400 in 47.60 in Badajoz / RFEA

We love to see new generations push hard and innate talents spring from our athletics. There are names that are beginning to emerge, who have a long way to go, but who are already capable of achieving brands that stand out for their young age as a teenager. One of those guys who stands out at the base of Spanish athletics is David Garcia Zurita, Extremadura and that this past weekend got a spectacular mark of 47.60 in the 400… With only 15 years! He is a very versatile sprinter, capable of breaking up to four best Spanish sub’16 records: 60m (6.90), 300m (34.70), 100m (10.74) and 300m AL (35.02).

Big nibble on your personal brand

Zurita was able in a control in Badajoz (Extremadura) to lower his personal mark of 400 in the open air from 48.80 to 47.60. An outrageous bite that he gave and that only confirms the progression of an athlete who turns 16 this June. The Extremaduran, according to the RFEA statistician Miguel Villaseñor comments on social networks, has equaled the best mark of a first-year U18 athlete, which he now shares with Gerson Pozo.

“My start in athletics was quite curious: when I started doing extracurricular activities at school, my father ‘forced’ me to practice a sport, as he told me it would be good for me: between the two of us we thought about which one to sign up for, Since football, which was in fashion, was done by everyone and it didn’t appeal to me so much. Seeing that my group of friends decided to try athletics, I also signed up to try it, combining it with tennis, ”he told RFEA Zurita a few months ago.

Bruno Hortelano has already shown that he is a great athlete, for me he is a benchmark because he is a great sprinter for my country; Still, it’s too early to compare myself to someone like him but hopefully one day I will be at their level. I’m also inspired by ‘el Pájaro’ (Ángel David Rodríguez) because of the level to which he has put Spanish speed and how he transmits his passion for athletics after so many years in the elite. Foreigners I like Usain Bolt and Noah Lyles for their way of running and what they transmit to the public ”, he adds about his references.

His coach is Luis Carretero, who assures that “we are going little by little, without haste, without the volume of work. A lot of technical work and working stimulating based on their physical development. It will give many joys ”.

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