Oksana artemova before and after – biography, photos, training and nutrition of the athlete

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biography, photos, training and nutrition of the athlete

Oksana Artemova is not just a bikinist with titles. She is also a fitness mom, trainer and model. A fragile athlete is always open to communication. She tells with enthusiasm about the competitions in which she participated. Shares the secrets of a super-thin waist (Oksana’s waist circumference is 58 cm). He sincerely rejoices at the success of his charges, as he has been working as a personal trainer for more than one year. Biography of Oksana Artemova: the ornate path of the athlete’s competitive activity.

Anthropometric data fitness bikinist

• Competitive weight: 54 kg.
• Off-season weight: 58 kg.
• Girl’s height: 164 cm.
• Category in fitness bikini by height: above 163 cm.
• Year of birth: 1986 (at the time of writing, 31 years old).
• Titles: Absolute World Champion in Fitness Bikini (2011).

Biography of Oksana Artemova

Trans-Ural girl Oksana Artemova tried many sports in her childhood. She always had little movement. Running and swimming became favorites. And in addition, for flexibility and plasticity, the girl was carried away by dancing. Minutes of extracurricular activities were fully scheduled. Artemova had time everywhere: training, performances, competitions. Not planning to stay in her hometown of Kurgan, Oksana, in her 20s, chose a course for St. Petersburg.

The northern capital brought a lot of cardinal changes to the athlete’s life. First, fitness has replaced athletics. The girl began to train so actively in the gym that she could not be stopped. Secondly, along with iron, a man entered her fate. The coach in the same gym, soon became the first husband of the champion. And finally, Oksana, decided to test her strength at the bikini fitness competition. From that moment, intensive preparation for the competition began.

Thanks to sports hardening and a passionate desire to prove, perform, win. Oksana “polished” her body in the shortest possible time so that many bikinists never dreamed of such a result. The girl performed with dignity at the European Championship and won silver. The petite brunette was not even going to stop there. Persistence and work led Artyomova to victory at the World Championship. …

Personal life: family, husband

Several years have passed since Oksana Artemova’s victories in the world of bikini fitness. If earlier the girl put her career first, now she has learned to harmoniously combine work issues and family values. Oksana is a young mom. Her daughter recently turned one year old. On her pages on social networks, the bikinist often publishes


Oksana artemova before and after plastic surgery – Popular diets

The world champion in fitness bikini from Kurgan told IA KURGAN.RU about the secret

Kurgan was visited by one of the most famous modern fitness celebrities of Russia – Oksana Artyomova.

What is the main achievement of 2017 for her? Is she going to stay in Russia? How many husbands did she have and weren’t they jealous of her biceps? She spoke about this and not only in an exclusive interview with our news agency.

Alexey Startsev, correspondent of IA KURGAN.RU: – Oksana, how fruitful was 2017 for you? What landmark points are planned for 2018, and in general for the future? What do you want to achieve?

Oksana Artyomova, absolute world champion in fitness bikini: – Firstly, the most important event in my life in 2017 is that I became a mother, gave birth to a beautiful daughter. The most important points that I have planned this year is to become a “fitness mom”, the most famous and beautiful. And, of course, participation in competitions, but only outside of Russia. This is for the soul, for pleasure, to increase your rating.

Alexey Startsev, correspondent of IA KURGAN.RU: – Is it easy to achieve results like you? The absolute world champion in fitness?

Oksana Artyomova, absolute world champion in fitness bikini: – To say that it is easy is not! This is, first of all, work. Yes, now it is easy for me, because this is my favorite business, my job, my profession and my life. Difficulties are not without, but they temper me even more.

Alexey Startsev, correspondent of IA KURGAN.RU: – I always had a question: when you participate in these competitions, how is it all evaluated? At first glance, philistine, well, like – all defile and defile. What are the judges looking at so that the excess is not dressed or what?

Oksana Artyomova, absolute world champion in fitness bikini: – No, this is not only a fashion show. The proportions of the body, appearance are assessed there, that is, everything must comply with the norms. Each judge, of course, has his own rules and regulations, everyone likes something different. But there are certain standards. This is not only a fashion show, as you said, it is a beautiful and athletic body, charisma, appearance, of course. Well, plus stylists who do wonders even with ordinary girls.

Alexey Startsev, correspondent of IA KURGAN.RU: – Then I have the following question: some in your sport say that their bodies are an example of a balanced, well-coordinated body. What then can be said about ordinary people like me? Who are we then?

Oksana Artyomova, absolute world champion in fitness bikini: – No, we are all people and each has its own focus. There are no gradations for me. There is a person, and he has his own merits, and I believe that you need to love yourself in everything!

Alexei Startsev, correspondent of IA KURGAN.RU: – Oksan, did you show your “Kurgan character” at the competitions, that is, did you have a desire to throw someone off the stage?

Oksana Artyomova, absolute world champion in fitness bikini: …

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