Optimal training program for beginners (3-day split)

Weight training programs 3 times a week at home. Training program

The training program involves performing the proposed exercises three times a week. For me, for example, it was Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Often referred to as the three-day split, that program is one and the same thing. Therefore, do not be alarmed if you come across such a wording.

You need to take the weight with which you will be comfortable performing the exercise. However, you should not get hung up on low weight, you need to increase the load every time. If the value “4×10” is written in the program, it means that you need to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions in each exercise. Rest time between sets should not exceed 5 minutes. 3 Day Mass and Strength Training Program:

While completing this program, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with exercises for the muscles of the legs, shoulders, pectoral muscles, triceps and biceps muscles, and back muscles. For now, I’ll give some useful tips for bodybuilders:

  • Before each workout, you need to do a warm-up to warm up your body muscles well.
  • From the beginning of your workouts, try to focus on your technique. Learn the technique of performing the proposed exercises so as not to damage the muscles. After some time, slightly change the training program or completely replace it with another, since the human body tends to get used to monotonous training, while the effectiveness of the program will naturally decrease.
  • During the building of muscle tissue, the duration of the exercise should not exceed one hour.
  • You should not hesitate to ask more experienced bodybuilders questions, they will be happy to share their personal experience and knowledge with you.

Basic training rules

  1. Power load – 3-4 times a week, fat burning can be done daily.
  2. The duration of the workout (strength and cardio) is 1.5 hours.
  3. The time of classes is selected individually. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning or evening, the main thing is physical recovery and motivation.
  4. The workout necessarily begins with a warm-up and ends with a hitch.
  5. After eating, 2 hours should pass, only then can you start exercising.
  6. Increasing the number of repetitions is necessary in the case of easy execution.
  7. Girls are not recommended to use heavy dumbbells, 2-3 kilograms each is an ideal load.
  8. You cannot skip the scheduled classes, otherwise you will have to start all over again.
  9. You cannot overload muscles, their growth and strengthening occurs during moments of rest and recovery.
  10. Nutrition – 80% success.

Any girl will like to train her body without leaving her home. This is not only economical in terms of finances, but also allows you not to think about your complexes. With excessive obesity, not every young lady agrees to burn calories in the company of beautiful and fit rivals who are frequent visitors to the fitness club. From time on, home workouts will become a habit, without them the body and soul will be bored. The main thing is to believe in your own strength and strive to improve yourself, creating the image of a beautiful and independent girl.

Workout program at home for men for a week. Bodyweight exercises at home

There are many exercises for training with body weight, below are the most effective ones:

Pull-ups are a basic exercise for your back muscles. You can perform pull-ups with different grips. By experimenting with grips, you can put a load on different muscle groups.
Wide grip pull-ups. The palms are slightly wider than the shoulders. The exercise is performed smoothly, you need to try to feel the lats, because they have the maximum load.
Pull-ups with a narrow grip. Jump onto the horizontal bar so that your hands touch each other. By doing pull-ups in this way, the load is shifted to the lower lats and biceps.
Reverse grip pull-ups. Pulling up in this version, the biceps take the lion’s share of the load. As you do the exercise, stay focused and try to feel your biceps with each rep.
Push-ups are a basic exercise for pumping the pectoral muscles and triceps muscles of the arms. The number of repetitions is approximately 80% of the maximum.
Push-ups with wide arms. The exercise is performed with the aim of working out the pectoral muscles. To complicate things, use palm rests to increase the range of motion. Try to do push-ups as deep as possible, stretching your pectoral muscles as much as possible.
The push-ups with the elbows pressed involve all three heads of the triceps. The exercise is performed at full amplitude and medium pace.
Reverse push-ups. To do this, you need a bench or a chair. While performing the exercise, you cannot slouch and allow your elbows to spread apart, otherwise the triceps will not receive the proper load.
Bar push-ups can be called the big brother of floor push-ups. Only dips on the uneven bars are much more difficult than push-ups from the floor. The number of repetitions depends on the physical capabilities of the athlete. Athletes who have difficulty pushing up from the floor may not even look towards the uneven bars.

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