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How to drink creatine – 64 photos and tips on how to accelerate weight gain

What is creatine? At its core, it is a source of energy for building our muscles. To get this trace mineral, a person must eat a lot of meat, however, for professional athletes and people who expect quick results from training, its use in the form of supplements is necessary.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the emergence of questions about how to drink creatine correctly, and the spread of photos of how to drink creatine.

It is important here to focus on what the person wants to achieve by taking the drug. Uncontrolled use of creatine will not only not help you, but also harm the body as a whole.

Therefore, special training programs are created for people, and based on them, the amount of microelement intake.

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Creatine before and after training

There are only three opinions about when it is best to drink creatine:

  • pre-workout, due to the fact that creatine provides energy;
  • after training, as the body needs energy to recover and increase strength;
  • both before and after, the explanations of the previous groups are simply combined.

The scientist Kendow put an end to the controversy, having studied the assimilation of the substance in 2008. According to its results, the most effective and beneficial will be the intake of creatine after training.

The scientist explains this simply: after finishing the exercises, the body rests, blood flow in the body increases and creatine reaches the cells faster, plus there is an effect of metabolic processes after training, which has a beneficial effect on increasing muscle mass.

Taking a trace element before physical activity is not advisable, so as not to knock down the water-salt balance of the body. In addition, during exercise, creatine simply does not have time to be absorbed, and will be excreted by the body along with sweat.

Creatine intake method, dosage size

There are a lot of methods and dosages for taking creatine. Just to the question of how much creatine to drink, the answer has already been found – up to 50 mg per kilogram of weight. Our body will simply remove the excess from the body.

From the schemes of substance use, the “loading” and no loading are isolated. Their meaning is in the following actions:

With the loading method, creatine is taken frequently and in small amounts. Thus, the authors of the technique claim that you can assimilate more than usual trace element.

The no-load circuit is more common and, according to athletes, is significantly more effective. Using it, creatine is taken one-time, the entire serving at once. On training days, this happens after exertion, and on weekends – in the morning on an empty stomach. After training, it is best to drink creatine with natural juice.

Taking the substance does not negate the possibility of taking amino acids.

The main thing in this case is consultation with a specialist in order to draw up a consumption schedule. Among professionals, combining creatine and amino acids is commonplace.

When choosing between schemes, it is better to opt for a non-bootable system. Although the loading method will give the result faster, the gain in time will be small, and the financial costs are tangible.

Foods to help metabolize creatine

Like any trace element, creatine will be better absorbed by the body if you help it – together with the drug, use foods that stimulate the absorption of the substance. Such foods include nutrition that affects the production of insulin (a hormone due to which muscles are able to absorb almost any element delivered to them).

So for the effectiveness of maximum absorption of creatine, they eat honey, juices, various fruits (preferably sweeter), whey and amino acids.

In addition, manufacturers have mastered the production of combined creatine, which, in addition to the usual elements, also contains taurine with vitamins E and D.

Advice on reception

Advice on whether you can drink creatine or not should be given to you by your trainer or doctor, but not by a friend or relative (except for a friend / relative – trainer / doctor).

The substance is a natural supplement, so any negative sensation from taking it should first alert you, and if the unpleasant consequences continue, you need to give up creatine altogether.

At the same time, you should never drink powder creatine, protein and amino acids for a long time. Your body can become so accustomed to the constant supply of necessary substances that it will not be able to produce these elements on its own.

Remember, drinking plenty of fluids is very important. Drinking water when using creatine should be at least 2 liters per day. This will help to assimilate the substance and avoid negative consequences.

Photo of creanine and methods of taking it

Certain parts of the body grow faster from creatine.

Author: TS Luoma


Amazingly, creatine works better for certain muscles than others. Take a look at the scientific data below.

Supplements and preparations for gaining muscle mass have always been considered democratic in their action. You take them, and as long as your exercise and diet are consistent with your goal, all muscle groups grow evenly. The chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs increase in size, and the small Hulk turns into a bigger Hulk and becomes more crushing.

However, creatine may be an exception to this rule. Not only is previous research showing greater increases in upper-body strength over lower-body strength, but according to a recent study by T Nation author Brad Schoenfeld and colleagues, creatine can also lead to greater upper body growth.

The essence of the experiment

Schoenfeld’s group recruited 43 weight trainers aged 20-24 to participate …

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