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How I pumped up my buttocks before and after

How I pumped up my buttocks before and after

Sport is already 3 months old, the body has lost weight and the priest is with it, not to mention the fact that it is initially flat. Is it possible to pump up the popets specifically ??? It’s not comfortable at all (I do exercises for the whole body, what can I specifically do in my case? Or is it “not cured”?

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Girls, I was shocked when I realized that the priest is not the same as before. How to return it to its previous appearance? It hurts to look … there was a peach … and now it’s straight flat.

I lost all my 18 kg after giving birth. The tummy is gone. There is a mute, of course … but the priest confuses me more.

Maybe have some exercises with the baby in your arms? What can you do at home? Who has experience? Please share!

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The trainer in the fitness club assures that it is impossible to pump up the ass without touching the legs. This is especially true for squat exercises. Of course, I understand everything, but … ..

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I admire those modern women who have enough strength and time to go to the fitness center after a hard day’s work in order to keep their figure in perfect shape.

I am not so responsible, and upon returning home I only dream of lying on the sofa in front of the TV and not moving. This is how I have been living for the last few years, and now I have begun to notice that during this time I have grown myself a cellulite ass, which already resembles soft plasticine.

It is disgusting to look at her myself, but I imagine how difficult it is for her husband …

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It will take 10-15 minutes 3 times a week and systematic performance of the described exercises …

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Hello!! I don’t need to lose weight for sure, I weigh 45 with a small stature, it seems perfect, but I strive for a larger one. Gillian’s buttocks went through and almost all of her programs went through and pumped up her shoulders)) how to go through something more difficult on the buttocks press, without cardio, which I hate)) weight is about 10 kg of dumbbells! Tell me!)) Just not jillian))

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Hi everyone!

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From loose priests – perfect buttocks! Before and after photos

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2016-08-18 13: 04: 00And not only buttocks, Masha did a tremendous amount of work on herself. Not only donuts are transformed after going to the gym.

What will happen to the average slim figure if you add rockers and proper nutrition? Rather, dive the slide, see the most beautiful pictures and read the story of the Machine.

All photos are taken from personal archives and Masha’s Instagram


I started training in the fall of 2013. Weighed 55 kg and wanted to lose weight like all girls. I didn’t know how else to describe my desire to have another body. With a height of 168 cm, my weight in recent years (from 21 to 27) has gone through chaotic fluctuations in the range from 50 to 62 kg.

At the same time, everyone around me considered my figure slender and fit, sometimes even “dirchish”, but there was never a question of completeness. I didn’t consider myself a bun, but from the age of 13, when I began to think about my appearance and body, I was always annoyed by something in myself.

Pay attention!

I didn’t like my belly (it is still the number one problem area for me), at the age of 16 my hips became more rounded and small “ears” formed.

Then I did not understand that all this is natural for a newly forming female figure, and already in those years I began to resort to various kinds of diets (not to eat after 6), fasting days on kefir and apples, actively pumped the press so that “the fat went away into muscles “and other experiments with appearance, which either did not give any effect at all, or it was short-lived. In this photo, 2010, I’m 21: The figure seems to be normal, but I still lacked something in order to feel my body beautiful. And here is a side view to understand what I was unhappy with:

First mistakes

I’ve never been an anti-Zozh character. Everything just required more control and some kind of systematic rational approach. Arriving at the gym, I thought that strength training would change my body overnight, but I was very wrong. After three months in the gym, I began to weigh even more than before.

And, having heard enough about all kinds of pre-competitive diets, I sat down to “dry”. The calorie content of the daily diet was reduced to 800-1000 kcal. Of course, I lost weight, but there were constant breakdowns. The sight of the cookies blew my head away, and the smell of freshly baked bread in the supermarket made me want to climb the wall.

And again I was dissatisfied with my body. This was not the result I expected. Moreover, such extreme weight loss has left its mark on health.

Due to the undermined immunity, I fell ill with bronchitis for three weeks, after which I restored my immunity for another two months and fought with colds on my lips, which one after one without interruption replaced each other.

So passed my first six months of “healthy lifestyle”, which became a turning point in my history, and completely knocked out my mood for success.

Further, my daily diet was so hectic and inadequate, the body simply did not have enough carbohydrates, for which he sent me to the familiar cabinet with cookies to get the coveted portion of energy. So another six months of my relationship with the gym and food passed, as a result of which I gained a good weight gain, but my body began to slowly change, the muscles became stronger, but, unfortunately, they were covered with a sufficient fat layer. 60 kg:


I do strength training three times a week. And during the periods of fat burning, I additionally run in the stadium for 30 minutes twice a week, in the summer I change from the car to the bike – an excellent tool …

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