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Plank for slimming the abdomen for 30 days, before and after photos

Types of planks and principles of their implementation, how to build muscle and lose weight in a month?

The main problem of modern man is an acute lack of time. At home, you can do many exercises that do not require special equipment. One of them is the popular plank. In a word, stop procrastinating – you should start practicing today, so that in a month you can proudly see the results in the mirror or in photographs. First, let’s figure out how to do the exercises correctly.

Training program

There is no universal recipe. The combination of static and dynamic planks will allow you to quickly blind the body of your dreams, but everyone should choose the degree of load and the time of each approach, based on the physical form in which you are before starting classes.

You will not be able to seriously lose weight if you only exercise for a minute or two a day and forget about an integrated approach to nutrition.

However, even the lightest plank possible will help build muscle and make them firmer.

Plank in static

This is a traditional exercise. It consists of performing just one pose, which requires the maintenance of balance and tension of many muscles of the legs, arms, chest and trunk. Usually, a static bar is performed from half a minute to several minutes. It doesn’t make much sense to do it longer: firstly, this type of exercise is not the most energy-consuming, that is, weight loss will be very insignificant. Secondly, too much muscle tension, especially for an untrained person, can cause spasms, which can lead to joint or spinal problems.

The advantages of the simplest of the planks are also obvious: statics almost immediately begins to strengthen the muscles of the core, that is, to form a beautiful and strong corset of muscles. The body gradually gets used to serious loads, which is useful for other types of planks and more intense and active sports. The static plank allows you to feel flexibility and endurance – and very quickly notice changes in muscle tone if you do the exercise correctly and without fanaticism.

The most beneficial for many of the office workaholic bonuses of performing a static plank is getting rid of back pain. The back muscles gradually become more elastic and stronger, and the body gets used to a more correct position. The spine straightens, the former elasticity returns to the intervertebral cartilage. Osteochondrosis, scoliosis or sciatica will eventually remain only in unpleasant memories, and the pain from these types of spinal diseases will subside until it disappears altogether.

Plank in dynamics

This type of bar allows you to spend much more energy compared to static. Strictly speaking, not the whole body is set in motion – while holding a static position from a different starting position, only one of the limbs moves slowly, unhurried bends and twists of the body are made.

The load on the muscles occurs more narrowly and even, if necessary, pointwise. This makes it possible to more intensively work out those problem areas of the body that may require special attention.

Based on this, we can say for sure that the dynamic bar contributes much faster to shedding the body and getting rid of extra centimeters in the waist, buttocks, hips, back or abdomen – where fat has an unpleasant property to accumulate most quickly. Exercises in various types of dynamic planks are designed in such a way that the release of subcutaneous fat occurs after a week of training.

Control over the technique of performing the bar

Ideally, you should go to the gym at least the first two times so that an experienced fitness trainer can assess your initial physical form, develop an exercise program for the next month and show you how to correctly perform the selected types of planks. It is also very important to control the correct position of the body during the load – it is best if there is a large wall mirror nearby, in which you yourself will see what you are doing.

Another frequently used method is to periodically do control exercises with an outside observer who will take pictures of you with a camera or phone.

Finally, the latter is also possible when using delayed shooting. This is especially important at the beginning of a session, when you still don’t feel if you’re doing the exercise correctly. It is worth looking at yourself from the side – and it will immediately become clear whether the body is falling down or to the side, whether you put your hands correctly or hold your head. If you perform the bar with an error for a long time, you can pretty much harm yourself, so you should not rush, but it is worth learning how to load muscles correctly.

Over time, when the muscles come to the required tone, you will automatically get up in all types of planks correctly – the body itself will know what and how to do it, so that additional special control is not required.

Timing for personal exercise

How often to do the bar – once a day or several approaches during the day, every other day, or even once a week? How long to hold it and how many approaches to perform in one lesson? There is no single answer to these questions. For an optimal recommendation, it is important to take into account factors such as age, weight, sports history or lack thereof, the presence of chronic diseases and sprains, the peculiarities of the joints and even the hormonal background in women.

The general rule is to very carefully send newbies to the static bar for half a minute, so that after that …

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