Photos before and after losing weight by 20 kg – 10 people who have lost more than 20 kilograms give advice

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16 people showed their photos before and after losing weight, and it inspires cooler magazine covers

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Few people have an ideal figure without putting any effort into it. Without a doubt, overweight people have a harder time, because for them getting in shape is a real test of willpower.

Bright Side could not pass by 16 powerful stories that will inspire anyone to look even better.

Offended by the insults of her boyfriend, the girl lost 60 kg and married another

The girl, due to bullying and health problems, lost 60 kg in 2 years and became a fitness trainer

The guy spat on excuses, got down to business and won 55 kg

The man lost 192 kg and found work and happiness in his personal life

Due to being overweight, the guy started to have serious health problems, but he pulled himself together and lost 83 kg

The girl lost 93 kg in just a year so that her beloved could finally hug her

A coach who specially gained and lost 30 kg in order to keep the company of the ward

The woman, having got rid of the passion for chocolate bars, lost 52 kg and became a bodybuilder

The girl lost 51 kg to become like her idol – Kim Kardashian

Minus 20 kg. Anfisa Chekhova posted a PHOTO before and after losing weight

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova, who has always been distinguished by magnificent forms, published a collage on Instagram, which shows how her figure has changed over the past two years. The star rapidly began to lose weight in 2016.

“It just so happened that as a result of my work on myself, on my thoughts, studying myself and my internal processes, taking care of my health, sincere love for myself and accepting myself in any of my states, I quite accidentally, but quite understandably, began to grow slimmer” , – Anfisa admitted on social networks.

Chekhova assures that she “didn’t hit her finger” to lose weight. According to her, yoga helped her transform, but she did not forcefully limit herself in food.

“I eat intuitively: if my body asks for something, I eat it. For example, sometimes I want oranges, and, despite the fact that I am allergic to them, I do not deny myself, ”Chekhova said in an interview with

The other day, the presenter showed how much her body has changed over the years. “You have asked me many times to post a photo from the“ before ”and“ after ”series … So, here I am, I am fulfilling your request, – Anfisa turned to her fans. – The first photo was taken two years ago in Bali. Here I am not in my greatest weight (when I weighed 90 kg. I preferred not to be photographed in a swimsuit) but still 20 kg more than now. “

“That trip to Bali was a landmark for me: I started doing yoga and with a vengeance to work on myself. My body type began to change following the changes in my personality type. I did not set myself the task of losing weight, but I really wanted to change my thinking and behavior in order to become happy! ” – said the star.

Earlier, Anews wrote that Chekhova, who divorced her husband in 2017, had a new affair with a yoga instructor. However, Anfisa is in no hurry to advertise her personal life.

Women BEFORE and AFTER losing weight: photos, stories

Often women are faced with the problem of excess weight, which is very difficult to get away from. Many are trying to come to terms with this, deciding that they still cannot get rid of those extra pounds. Someone lacks willpower, someone is overcome by banal laziness … But if you set a specific goal and take care of yourself seriously, you can achieve impressive results. Today site will talk about women who took their will into a fist and achieved their goal. As the examples of these young women show, if you really want and stubbornly go to the figure of your dreams, you will definitely succeed!

Christina Taylor: BEFORE – 172 kg, AFTER – 90 kg

Christina’s favorite food since childhood was fast food and pizza, and by the age of 15, the girl weighed 170 kg. The realization that she was overweight, which made it difficult for her to move, came to Christina after her class went on vacation to Italy. All the guys went on excursions and enjoyed the views of the Italian streets, and she had to stay in the room for the reason that the extra pounds did not allow the girl to stay in motion for a long time. Christina quickly got tired and preferred to lie down rather than walk. And then the girl realized that she needed to change something in herself. She started small, doing a little aerobics at home, and gradually moved on to strength training in the gym. Refused fast food and other junk food. As a result, in six months, Christina lost more than 20 kg, and in the future her weight continued to fall. Having reached the mark of 90 kg, the girl was pleased with herself and even got married. True, in family life, Christina relaxed a little and gained weight again – 30 kg, but was able to pull herself together and lose weight again, returning to 90 kg achieved by such hard work.

Amanda Green: BEFORE – 75 kg, AFTER – 54 kg

By the age of 35, the mother of two children from Texas, Amanda, gained 20 kg of excess weight, turning into a well-fed donkey. With a height of 160 cm, she began to weigh 75 kg. The extra pounds came to the young woman after the birth of her second child. Her husband served in the police and disappeared all day at work, and Amanda was desperately bored at home with her children, eating up her boredom with chips. She realized that she was gaining weight, so she avoided looking in the mirror. And only after the woman saw herself in the last family photo – she experienced …

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