Photos before and after losing weight, which show that anyone can change their body, if, of course, they want

Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

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Anfisa Chekhova is perhaps the sexiest TV presenter on domestic TV, who became a star after the release of the scandalous program “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova.” She was also a host in the TV shows “Let’s Get Married” on the Inter channel and “How to Get Married” on STB, tried herself on the stage, acted in films, worked in the theater and on the radio.

Anfisa Chekhova has always stood out among her slender colleagues with a magnificent figure. Her appearance was constantly discussed by both fans and ill-wishers, and the presenter herself repeated more than once that she felt comfortable in her body. The image of a relaxed, not prone to complexes, sexual woman created by her did not imply suffering due to excess weight.

Anfisa was never thin, for the first time she realized that she was distinguished by excessive splendor of forms among her peers, in adolescence.

From that moment, her struggle for harmony began, until …

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