Photos before and after press – TOP 100 ideal pictures of guys and girls

Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

TOP 100 perfect pictures of guys and girls

The beauty of your body is in your hands. Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet can create an envy and admirable appearance.

An integral attribute of such a look, of course, is a tucked-up belly with embossed abs.

The photo where you show it will always get a lot of likes. Because such things are liked by almost everyone, both men and women.

Secrets of a beautiful press: how to pump up cubes?

The formation of the relief muscles of the abdomen consists of two components. Properly selected physical exercise plus a special diet.

A set of exercises for the press

Exercise is needed to build muscle volume. Or, more precisely, one specific muscle – the straight one, the one on the front of the stomach.

It is she who, in an inflated state, looks like convex squares.

In an un-inflated one, however, it also looks like that, only this is usually not visible under a layer of subcutaneous fat.

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