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Photo of beautiful girls athletes in the gym

A good selection of photos of girls who prioritize sports! Do you like girls in tracksuits, tops, shorts – which fit the figure tightly? Then you have come to the right place! See photos with sporty girls and enjoy! Since lovely people are already beautiful, but in the photo of fit babies who know the measure of nutrition and body shape, they do not allow them to breathe peacefully!

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Athletes (45 photos)

10/20/2016, Svetlay, Jokes about girls Sports girls are great, but not all. Of course, I understand: the struggle for equality, gender equality and all that, but … You need to know the limit in everything! Girls, you don’t like it when men wear stockings and paint their lips with lipstick – then why did you decide that men like women (if you can call them that) with the figure of Schwartz? There are many sports that are suitable for girls: gymnastics, synchronized swimming, figure skating, all athletics. But the men are engaged in fights and barbells. Photos of beautiful sports girls and creepy athletes will tell you about this again.

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Photos of girls athletes

Photos of girls athletes from different angles. Strong, slim and beautiful girls are acrobats, runners, swimmers and simply visitors to fitness clubs.

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Sexy athletes (27 photos)

Russian beauties are famous all over the world – and it’s not just about models and fashion models of Russian origin. Among the professional athletes of Russia, there are many recognized beauties, from whom it is sometimes difficult to take your eyes off.

Curler Anna Sidorova

Curler Alexandra Saitova

Short tracker Tatiana Borodulina

Figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova

Tennis player Elena Dementieva

Curling player Ekaterina Galkina

Elena Nikitina. Skeleton

Ekaterina Stolyarova. Freestyle

Ski jumper Irina Avvakumova

Curler Olga Zyablikova

Tennis player Maria Sharapova

Long jumper Daria Klishina

Hockey player Ekaterina Solovieva

Snowboarder Alena Alekhina

The most beautiful athletes in the world. Female athletes

Whatever type of activity the fairer sex chooses, be it a secretary, a housewife, a teacher or a doctor, they always look spectacular and attractive. And, of course, what man would not admire a lady who goes in for sports, and even on a professional basis. It’s no secret that female athletes drive a huge number of the stronger sex crazy with their beauty.

Currently, a rating of the most attractive and attractive girls is compiled annually, who have achieved breathtaking success in tennis, surfing, power martial arts, figure skating, athletics. Who are they – the most beautiful athletes in the world? Let’s consider this issue in more detail.

Ana Ivanovic

The Serbian tennis player certainly deserves to be ranked among the most beautiful female athletes in the world. In 2008, the girl won gold in the Grand Slam singles tournament.

Two years after this event, she was recognized as the sexiest tennis player in the world. And despite the fact that Ana today does not have any serious achievements in her career, she is still considered a charming beauty. Her photos do not leave the covers of fashionable glossy magazines, and her page on the Internet is viewed by thousands of fans.

Blair O’Neill

The famous golfer Blair O’Neill (USA) also entered the list called “The most beautiful sportswomen in the world”. In her youth, she was fond of jazz music and ballet. Blair began to comprehend the basics of sports at the age of 11. Already two years later, she participated in competitions among juniors. Today, many female athletes want to be like Blair, since she not only fully realized herself in golf, but also achieved great success in the modeling business.

Anthony Misura

It is impossible to imagine the top beautiful athletes today without Antonia Misura, who was born in the Croatian city of Sibenik. From childhood, her parents began to instill in the girl a love of basketball and volleyball.

As a result, she became a professional in the first sport, and since 2005 Antonia has been a member of the Vidici Dalmostan club. It should be noted that the girl has achieved serious achievements not only in sports. At the Games in London, experts put her in first place when compiling a list called “The Most Beautiful Athletes in the World”. In addition, Antonia was named the most attractive basketball player in Croatia, and in 2009 she won the title of “Miss Mediterranean Games”.

Sophie Horn

Sophie Horn, a golfer, started playing sports at an early age. Her hard work, perseverance and dedication provided her with a brilliant career: at the age of 15, she won the junior competition. Then the girl took first place in the championship, which was held in Midden. Now she not only plays golf professionally, but is also engaged in coaching. Of course, many female athletes can envy the high results Sophie Horn has achieved in life, whose face does not disappear from the covers of glossy magazines.

Maria Sharapova

Among the most charming …

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