Powerlifting what kind of sport is it for girls – powerlifting for girls benefits and harms

Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

Women’s Powerlifting!

(for girls)

What are the benefits of this strength sport?

When it comes to training for girls, most imagine pink dumbbells and aerobics, but not women’s powerlifting, although this particular sport can give the weaker sex much more benefit! Read this article and find out why women need powerlifting!

Initially, let’s find out or remember what powerlifting is. The name comes from the English word “powerlifting” which translates as: power – strength, lifting – lifting. As the name implies, this sport sets itself the task of lifting weights, that is, the athlete trains his body to become as strong as possible.

Many girls, when they come to the gym, make a big mistake, believing that working with heavy weights will turn them into a huge man-like woman. If you are a woman, answer the question: what is included in your training program?

Let’s try to imagine a typical workout for girls in the gym. First, you do a light warm-up, and then switch to a cardio machine for 20-40 minutes, because last night you ate a cake and want to burn all the excess. After that, you perform several approaches of some kind of exercise with a small weight, and in the final for 10-20 minutes, swing the press on the mat, trying to lose weight in this area. That’s right, right?

If this is your program, it’s time to change it! This training scheme is typical for most women in the gym. They are afraid of getting big and muscular, so they only do the exercises they think burn the most calories and tone their muscles.

Work with weights, girls

In fact, such women achieve little results. They can burn a few hundred calories during cardio and possibly another hundred during a circuit workout, but by doing so, they will not affect their appearance. You cannot radically change your body by holding flowers in your hands instead of iron.

If you want to completely change your body so that even loved ones cannot recognize you, stop and think about your program right now. Try to forget about myths and look at women’s powerlifting with different eyes. This is truly the sport that can transform you! And you won’t become masculine for several reasons. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

The level of testosterone in the female body

The first reason a woman’s powerlifting won’t make your hips and biceps look like a man’s is because your testosterone levels are too low.

In the male body there is more of the hormone “testosterone”, and in the female body – the hormone “estrogen”. If you compare the amount of testosterone in men and women, the difference is huge.

The hormone testosterone plays an extremely important role in gaining muscle mass. And since the female body has significantly less of this “hormone of Hercules”, respectively, they cannot pump muscles as easily as men.

In fact, women also produce testosterone in small amounts. Talk to your doctor and check your testosterone levels; your body may be making too little of this essential hormone.

Even women who want to gain more muscle and are working hard on it cannot do it as quickly as men. So stop worrying and go ahead – do powerlifting! You won’t turn into the Hulk … unless of course you get gamma radiation from the explosion of a radioactive ammunition.

Women’s Powerlifting and Eating Habits

The second reason you can safely lift heavy weights is because most women don’t consume enough calories to grow muscle. Remember the last time you deliberately overeat to gain weight? New Year’s holidays are not counted.

The fact is that a large number of calories is important not for pleasure, but for gaining muscle mass. When was the last time you ate extra protein for lunch because it’s important for muscle growth? Most likely never. Women have an innate desire to eat less because they always want to be even slimmer. With such a diet, women can safely engage in powerlifting – you definitely do not threaten an excess of muscle mass.

In order to get huge, you have to eat a ton of calories every day, take sports supplements and regularly train with heavy weights. Chances are, most women barely cover their daily calorie intake, and getting muscular isn’t easy. This will not happen to you. So breathe out and stop being afraid of heavy weights!

Women’s Powerlifting and Strength Development

And finally, you won’t get huge and muscular because you won’t be able to develop the strength that men do. Of course, there are such strong women, but for this they have to work to the maximum. But for the most part, it’s easier for men to get out of their comfort zone (again, see the difference in testosterone levels).

Gaining significant muscle mass requires constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Can you keep squatting at near maximum weight knowing that your muscle fibers are being torn apart? Can you force yourself to lift even more weight? Many men can, and sometimes it comes down to injury. The strength factor keeps most women from building large volumes, even if they are powerlifting.

Benefits of Powerlifting for Women

Now that you have realized that you will not gain “suddenly” 500 kg of muscle …

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