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Powerlifting is a serious sport

Friends, hello everyone! We, the Valitov brothers, are professional trainers, we keep our blog, write articles and invite you to this page to learn more about powerlifting.

Powerlifting isn’t just cool these days. This is sport and the life of real men, for whom the main thing is the development of physical strength, requiring complete dedication, exhausting workouts, preparedness for injuries, and a proper full-fledged diet.

Powerlifting is a relatively young area of ​​strength sports.

It combines an innovative approach to the classics of weightlifting exercises, combining them with elements of bodybuilding to overcome the heaviest weights.

Today we will open the curtain for you over the special world of powerlifting. Let’s talk about its benefits, basic requirements and features of the training.

And as cognitive information, you will find out what kind of equipment the professionals use for their training and performances. However, more on this later.

Stay tuned, it will be interesting!

The world of powerlifting

Powerlifting is powerlifting based on three basic exercises:

  • Bench press.
  • Deadlift.
  • Squat with a barbell.

At the same time, taking into account all the technical requirements, the athlete should strive to raise the maximum weight of the weights on the platform, which, by the sum of these three disciplines, will determine the athlete’s qualifications.

In this sport, strength indicators are very important, and not, as in bodybuilding, the beauty of the body.

Here the athlete is judged by the technique of performing the exercises, specific weight figures, and not by the physically developed physique.

Since the main apparatus here is the barbell, therefore, to lift large weights, the athlete needs to have well-developed muscles:

The benefits of powerlifting

Powerlifting is by far the most open sport. Its popularity over other species is determined by its democracy.

Weightlifting requires sophisticated technique, bodybuilding is a symmetrically proportional body, and powerlifting is everyone’s choice.

And this is not only those who want to become a professional, but any man or woman who has no contraindications to physical activity.

Moreover, this sport is good for those who want:

  • Strengthen the muscles of your body;
  • Gain self-confidence;
  • Improve the tone and physical fitness of your body.

Training Basics and Basic Exercise Requirements

Basic powerlifting exercises are pure classics that are part of the training program for athletes engaged in:

  • Bodybuilding;
  • Weightlifting or athletics;
  • Martial arts.

However, here the training process has its own characteristics, consisting in the initially received excessive load on the body, performing the exercise with raising the maximum possible weight at once 1-2 times, with the following approach after 10 minutes of rest.

Now we will try to give you a little advice.

Are you serious about powerlifting?

That’s cool!

However, take our advice!

Even with all your preparedness, sign up for a gym with a competent and experienced trainer.

It is he who will help you avoid health problems such as displacement of discs, intervertebral hernia, joint injuries or heart problems.

Only a highly qualified specialist will control your entire training process, give optimal loads with constant dynamics for your improvement in this sport.

Now let’s get back to training and performing basic exercises, which we will look at in more detail.


This is a traditional weightlifting exercise adjusted for the demands of powerlifting.

Here, in the initial position, the barbell is located on the athlete’s back triceps with an even distribution of weight on both limbs.

Then, after taking a deep breath with holding the breath, the athlete should smoothly go down.

At the same time, during the exercise, the athlete must sit down to a sufficient depth so that the hip joints drop below the knee.

Bench press

This exercise is performed by the athlete lying on a bench, when in the initial position the bar is held by him above the chest with outstretched arms.

After the command, the athlete slowly lowers the barbell to his chest, followed by squeezing it back to its original positions.

After completing the exercise, the bar returns to the stops.

A feature of performing presses in this sport is not to allow changes in the position of the legs and separation from the bench:

  • Heel;
  • Heads;
  • Buttocks;
  • Shoulder blades.


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