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How effective is a protein diet for weight loss?

Excess weight is not only moral discomfort for a person, it threatens the appearance of many diseases, so more and more people want to lose weight. But no one wants to go on a debilitating diet, especially active youth. A protein diet for weight loss will help you lose extra pounds, while there is no need to give up meat products. Its menu includes mainly protein foods, and carbohydrates and fats are minimized.

The main principles of a protein diet, its pros and cons

When the diet contains many foods that contain carbohydrates and proteins, the so-called “simple fuel” enters the human body. But all buns, pizzas, cakes, and more from this category contain simple carbohydrates with fat. When these products are consumed, the body uses the received carbohydrates to maintain human energy, and the remaining fats it “saves for a rainy day.” Places for such “storage” are the sides and stomach, so a person is recovering from excessive consumption of sweets.

But the body can be “outsmarted”, for this there is a protein diet, the products of which contain only proteins, and carbohydrates are excluded from consumption. The body will immediately start looking for a way out of this situation and it has to burn its own fats to burn energy.

During a protein diet, physical activity is beneficial for weight loss, which also contributes to weight loss. And such a diet is considered a great moment to strengthen muscles, because this requires a lot of proteins in the body. Exercise can help you burn excess fat quickly.

What are the benefits

This food system allows you to use various foods, there are, of course, restrictions, but not as strict as in other diets. The protein diet menu will not allow you to starve, and its advantages are as follows:

  • weight loss happens very quickly… Already after the start of such a diet, a person noticeably loses weight, and a fast pace of weight loss is the main advantage of the diet. Many people noted that in literally two weeks she lost up to 14 kg or even more;
  • all the extra lost pounds come back much longer… But here you need to consider what you will eat after completing the diet, your lifestyle and much more;
  • many different foods are allowed… The food will be varied and satisfying, so such a food system will not make you feel hungry after breakfast or lunch.

This diet is very popular among bodybuilders, as they need proper nutrition and constant training to build muscle mass. The protein nutritional system will help to get the desired result in a short time.

In addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages of a protein diet.

What are the disadvantages

In order to adhere to a protein diet for weight loss, you need to have good health, since the diet is unbalanced and it will not bring health benefits. Such nutrition is categorically contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, heart disease, thrombosis and gout. Elderly people do not need to take risks.

Such a nutritional system removes trace elements and calcium from the body, because one protein enters the body. This is fraught with problems in the health of the skeletal system – bones become fragile, also do not be surprised if your nails begin to break and exfoliate and your hair has lost its former shine.

Diet foods and dietary guidelines

A person loses weight only if the consumption of calories in the body is greater than their intake, therefore the menu in the protein diet is based on reducing the calorie content of food and there can be no question of any uncontrolled consumption of large quantities of eggs and meat. However, the high protein content of foods will keep a person from getting hungry.

How to calculate the daily calorie content of foods

The correct approach to menu planning begins with calculating the calorie content of foods per day. This calculation can be done in different ways:

  1. calculate the basal metabolic rate using special formulas… With an average weight and height, the task is simplified: you can take the average daily values, for women they are equal to 1400-1600 kcal, for men – 1600-1800 kcal. If you have a sedentary job, add another 200-300 kcal to the resulting number, and with constant sports or physical work, add 400-800 kcal;
  2. take average recommendations for those wishing to lose their weight… Here you need to multiply your weight by a factor of 26-29 and the final result is equal to the daily calorie content of food.

These products are approved for consumption

Preparation of food

It doesn’t matter if you have a protein diet according to the ducan or another diet from this category – you will not have to stand for days near the stove to prepare food. The diet is very simple and the main food will be foods that contain protein.

What products are allowed
  • lean meats… Chicken, turkey and rabbit are best, along with veal and beef. Fatty lamb and pork are undesirable for consumption. In order for the protein to be better absorbed, the meat must be boiled, baked in the oven, or cooked in a double boiler. Sausages and lard are allowed;
  • eggs… Quail or chicken eggs contain a lot of protein. Therefore, they must be present in the diet;
  • dairy products. Low-fat kefir and low-fat cottage cheese varieties are especially useful;
  • green vegetables… These are another essential products of a protein diet, because the body still needs carbohydrates, although there should be less of them. These are cabbage, zucchini, …

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