Radical diet – menu, nutritional principles, reviews

The radical diet is a strict 2 week dietary restriction that allows you to lose weight quickly. At the same time, it is not recommended for unprepared people to follow strict diet therapy. During the dietary course, the body is exposed to high loads and is forced to break down fat deposits for energy. The methodology dictates individual rules for each day, which cannot be changed.

Rigid or radical diet

Diet features

Weight loss while following a radical diet is due to strict dietary restrictions. Within 2 weeks, a person consumes less than 800 kcal per day and excludes most carbohydrate and protein foods. The body is under great stress. During the period of the diet, there is often a feeling of hunger, which complicates the observance of the rules of radical weight loss. When eating low-calorie foods, the appearance of malaise and weakness is considered normal practice, therefore, a doctor’s consultation is necessary before starting diet therapy.

In the first 4–5 days, the weight will go away quickly – up to 2 kg per day. The rest of the time, body mass indicators stabilize, and the process of losing weight slows down. The diet can only be carried out every six months. At the same time, it is necessary to eat in a balanced manner for 6 months.

During the diet, it is required not to violate the strict diet. The daily diet is divided into 4 parts:

  • breakfast at 8 or 9 am;
  • lunch at 12 noon;
  • afternoon snack from 15 to 16 hours;
  • dinner is served until 19 pm.

The interval between main meals should be about 3-4 hours. Dinner should be done 3 hours before bedtime. For each day of the diet, there are individual rules and a list of permitted foods. Changes to the proposed diet are prohibited.

While losing weight, you should avoid stressful situations and limit sports. For increased physical activity, the body may not have enough energy. As a light activity, you can hike in the fresh air 2-3 times a week. Be prepared for emotional disturbances such as nervousness or unreasonable aggression. The cardinal technique is not suitable for people with weak immunity.

Radical cabbage diet

Losing weight without food is not a task for everyone. Therefore, a radical method of losing weight with the help of cabbage was invented. Everything is simple to the point of banality: cabbage can be eaten raw, stewed or fermented. Three times a day, we consume the main dish along with water, imagining how you are completely saturated and energized.

This method is fraught with profuse flatulence, which is warned in advance in all instructions. However, what can you not do for a beautiful figure.

“Broccoli puree soup – diet recipe with calories less than 100”

Rules and guidelines

Useful and unhealthy foods

During the period of the diet, they strictly adhere to the rules:

  1. On a carbohydrate day, protein intake is excluded and, conversely, if there are protein foods in the daily diet, carbohydrate foods are avoided.
  2. 5-10 minutes before eating you need to drink 1-2 glasses of warm water. In this case, after eating, liquid should not be consumed for 40–45 minutes. Be sure to drink water or green tea between meals. Up to 2 liters of liquid are required per day, depending on body weight – 40 ml of water or other drinks are needed for 1 kg of weight.
  3. On carbohydrate days, you need to eat 100 g of granular bran.
  4. When following a radical diet, food should be more protein-rich in order to reduce the likelihood of stress in the body. Proteins are essential for normal muscle function.
  5. Potatoes or grain products are eaten before 12 noon.
  6. It is forbidden to eat salty, smoked, spicy, fried foods. You can not use confectionery and flour products.
  7. A fasting day is held once a week.
  8. Exercise 2-3 times a week. Power and cardio exercise is prohibited. Only light workouts are allowed.

Radical restriction of food means saturation with a minimum amount of calories. The diet is accompanied by depletion of the body, which simultaneously worsens the physical and psychological state of a person. Therefore, nutritionists have compiled a list of recommendations to get the maximum result after the end of the diet:

  1. It is recommended to switch to eating low-calorie food during holidays, so as not to burden the body with additional physical and mental stress.
  2. It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids to speed up the breakdown of adipose tissue and avoid dehydration. It is recommended to drink mineral water, herbal teas and tea without sugar. A person can confuse feelings of hunger with thirst, especially when dietary restrictions are in place.
  3. To preserve the result obtained, you must follow the rules for exiting the diet. After completing diet therapy, the number of calories is increased gradually over the course of a month.

Radical diet on water

pure water
The most radical way to lose those extra pounds is to give up food. According to the “experts”, if you can’t control your diet, then just don’t eat. What does the menu look like for the week?

  1. Buy 2 liters of milk and drink it throughout the day. It is said that the best way to do this is through a straw. According to reviews, this allows you to trick your stomach, which instantly stops its threatening howl.
  1. Mineral water is an unusual solution after a milky day. However, you need to drink it in glasses, not sparing liquid for yourself or your beloved.
  1. Today you are going to treat yourself to herbal tea without sugar. We brew not very strong …

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