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Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

Sexiest Cartoon Heroines – Part 4

3. Nut

Gadget from the animated series “Chip and Dale Rush to the Rescue”. Gadget is an anthropomorphic mouse inventor, but by no means a gray mouse. Chipmunks Chip and Dale are crazy about Gadget, but they do not go out after her in a dignified manner – none of them intends to concede. It is interesting that in the original the name of the mouse sounds like Gadget Hackwrench – “Gadget Wrench for hacking”, but when the cartoon was translated into Russian, the word “gadget” was not in our language yet.

2. Lola Bunny

Bunny girl Lola Bunny from the Warner Bros. cartoon universe, friend of Bugs Bunny. Lola is a real doll, but she can’t stand being reminded of it, and says: “Don’t call me a doll!” (in Russian translation, the phrase sounds like “don’t call me baby!”). Bugs often violate the ban in order to deliberately piss Lola out of herself. Lola the pizza delivery girl, would you like to accept Saturday pizza and beer from this girl’s hands?

1. Fam fatal Jessica Rabbit

Fam Fatal Jessica Rabbit is a character in the Roger Rabbit universe, where cartoon characters and people coexist with each other. The most famous film with Jessica’s participation is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (in Russia, the film is not recommended for persons under 18). Animators drew gorgeous Jessica from Hollywood actresses Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake. It is also believed that Jessica Rabbit is the matured Alice of Lewis Carroll. The dress for Jessica – with an open back and a slit to the bottom – was “borrowed” from the 50s model Vicky Dugan, nicknamed Back, and actress Kathleen Turner voiced the wife of Roger rabbit. Jessica Rabbit is flamboyant, flamboyant with #x and achieves success using her sex appeal, but at the same time she is just loyal, brave, kind and in general extremely nice girl.


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Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon character. She is the wife of the famous Roger Rabbit. A selection of pictures with Jessica below.

Jessica Rabbit


Roger Rabbit’s wife

Redhead woman

With microphone

In a suit

Vera Brezhneva

With husband and detective

The famous Pixie Fox, who dreamed of becoming like the wife of Roger the rabbit, and she did it

Pixie Fox is a girl who gave a fortune to become like a non-cartoon heroine. The Swedish model dreamed so badly of being like Jessica Rabbit that she ultimately changed her look dramatically. However, after that she became a real celebrity, about which the media, journalists, bloggers and so on, have not been tired of gossiping for many years.

Relationship to Pixie Fox

Pixie Fox has many fans and opponents. The first admire the girl’s courage and her appearance. Others categorically condemn such interference with their natural appearance, call the girl a living doll, which has nothing of her own. Often, the appearance of Pixie Fox is called unnatural, and she herself is one of the examples of victims of plastic surgery. What Pixie has done to her waist raises concerns about her health among ordinary people and doctors.

Briefly about the biography of Pixie Fox

The girl spent her young years in Sweden. Believe it or not, she worked as an electrician after school. Also, the future world famous star loved to draw. In particular, she admired the perfect image of Jessica Rabbit – the wife of Roger Rabbit.

Who is Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a popular character who appears in comics, animated series, and movies. Jessica was created by humorist writer Gary Wolfe. As a basis for creating an ideal woman, he took several images at once, including Alice from Wonderland, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and other style icons of that time. She has appeared in many comics and cartoons. She became especially famous in the world after the release of the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Appearance changes

Returning to Pixie Fox, it’s worth saying that she made drastic changes to her appearance. Especially her fans are attracted by the fact that Pixie removed six ribs for a narrow waist! Doctors believe that this could be dangerous for the girl’s health, but the model does not seem to regret it at all, and in every photo she boasts an incredibly narrow figure, unnatural enough for her physique. It’s hard to imagine, but her waist is only 35 cm. In addition, she also increased the size of her bust, changed the shape of her eyes, ears, cheekbones, nose, eyebrows, lips, buttocks. In total, she went through a hundred interventions by surgeons and paid a fortune for all this.

It was worth it?

Whether her spending was justified and whether she receives, thanks to such dramatic changes in appearance, as much money, attention of fans and popularity as she expected is unknown. However, she certainly enjoys a certain amount of attention. About Pixie Fox regularly write in the media and various publications. It is also popular on the Internet. She publishes her photos and videos on Instagram, where she already has more than half a million subscribers.

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