Silicone buttocks before and after photos – Fake buttocks are coming (not for the faint of heart)

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Fake Buttocks Are Coming (not for the faint of heart) | Blogger aloia on SPLETNIK.RU April 16, 2017

Fitness expert John Romano wrote a text for T-Nation about the invasion of artificial buttocks. Over the past 3-4 years, the number of operations to build up the fifth point has grown 3-4 times.

More recently, Zozhnik published an article on the changes in the canons of beauty over the past 100 years and, judging by the artificial inflating of the buttocks, the next stage of worship of rounded shapes is already coming to an end, since even nature is no longer keeping up with fashion.

Are they real or not?

The epidemic of buttock augmentation began in South America, then penetrated into Hollywood and, spreading through social networks, reached almost every hall. And it’s not about natural pumping of the glutes, but about artificial augmentation: implants, fat injections and other “joys”.

Some girls, stunning with voluminous buttocks, admit that they achieved them with an operation, but most of the owners of artificial volumes continue to deny and talk about hellish work in the gym and good old squat. But they are given out by the proportion of the thigh-buttocks.

Naturally, training can target one muscle group, but nevertheless, the surrounding synergists also receive the load. Even a girl with incredible genetic potential, having pumped up great buttocks, will also get a pair of strong (and attractive) legs, rather than a bag of potatoes hanging over two toothpicks.

To buy such an artificial ass can be cheaper and much safer for health.

Who needs it ?!

Many women dream of enlarging the buttocks – even those who do not care about other muscles. In some countries, society even encourages this, like breast augmentation. But if the breasts cannot be pumped up with any workouts, then the buttocks are still muscles. They grow in the power rack, not on the operating table. However, today (especially in South America) this is not the case.

By the way, the passion for artificial muscles is also common in South America. We made a large text about this with photographs: “Oil bags: injections instead of training”

Fashion has reached such a stage that women go to great lengths, use the most dangerous and painful methods of plastic surgery. Someone just wants to attract attention to themselves, someone vitally needs likes in Instagram, someone wants more tips in a strip club, someone has a sick partner, and someone stupidly copies everything that the stars do …

At the same time, implants in the buttocks are not always noticeable, sometimes fitness stars insert them, just do not overdo it. But no matter how master the surgeon is, in life, an artificial ass will never be as good as a real one.

Of course, if you want to compete in fitness contests and have developed excellent muscles, but you can’t pump up your lagging buttocks (and in many ways this is genetics), then you will have to go under the knife to win. But (as with breasts) there is a difference between proportional implants and monstrously huge ones.

Distinguishing the real buttocks from those that the surgeon worked on is sometimes very simple.

Buttock augmentation statistics

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, nearly 5,000 people had their buttocks artificially enlarged in 2015.

Although there are still more breast augmentation and facelift surgeries, buttock augmentation is a fast growing trend, in 2013 there were only 942 surgeries in the United States, and in 2014 there were already 1863. Well, just look at the covers of glossy magazines – everything is just beginning. …

Kim Kardashian – your own or not?

Kim Kardashian would hardly have become a celebrity if not for her outstanding buttocks. When she just started to demonstrate them, she claimed that she herself “squatted” in the hall. We, of course, were outraged by this shameless lie to the depths of our souls. We know what muscles look like. Not this way.

In one of the most mind-boggling episodes of her TV show, she decided to put an end to the “libel” and went to an MRI. And the MRI showed that there were no implants in her buttocks. Can you imagine? This incredible ass is entirely the credit of her ingenious trainer! The reality show showed us a real ass! And then we began to think that Kim Kardashian does not enter the hall at all.

However, if a person has experience, then seeing the protruding buttocks and not observing any muscle “tone” anywhere else, he smells a catch. If these are not implants, then what?

Muscles cannot be that shape, and fat itself is not deposited that way. Let them not be implants. But this is something different, for example, buttocks plastic by …

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