Sleep Matters – Why is sleep important to health?

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Why is sleep important for health?

Even after a few days of constant lack of sleep, a person will be able to understand why sleep is so important to him. In addition to obvious signs, such as a feeling of constant drowsiness and fatigue, irritability and deterioration in the ability to concentrate, all this can “come out sideways” even in such a way that not everyone will guess the real reason. A frequent lack of sound healthy sleep over time can affect the deterioration of immunity, a drop in libido, the appearance of excess weight, constant depression and even the development of cancer.

As a disadvantage sleep affects health

A full healthy sleep can help get rid of many ailments, prevent the development of various diseases (cardiovascular, obesity, neuroses, depression, stress). If a person does not manage to get enough sleep, then he is putting his health in danger.

Most adults need 7-8 hours of full night sleep to feel rested. The relationship between sleep and health is deep and not fully understood. Lack of sleep can lead to severe depression, irritability, decreased concentration, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, loss of energy, headaches, abdominal pain, memory loss, and other ailments.

at least 8 hours a day for complete recovery. Remember that quality is the most important thing here, not quantity. To this day, not everyone understands the importance of sleep. Many people think that work is more important, and this is fundamentally wrong. We must not forget that the time we spend getting to sleep is extremely important for our health.

How many hours of sleep on average do you need according to age:

Newborns up to 2 months 12-18 hours
3 months to 1 year 14-15 hours
1 to 3 years 12-14 hours
3-5 years 11-13 hours
5-12 years old 10-11 hours
12-18 years old 8.5-10 hours
Adults (over 18 years old) 7.5-9 hours


1.Brain activity

Sleep not only gives you the opportunity to relax and recharge, but it also boosts your brain activity, memory and alertness. Yes, this is the main reason why it is so important. We all want us and our children to be healthy. At the same time, it has been scientifically proven that brain activity increases significantly if we pay due attention not only to the quantity, but also to the quality of sleep every day. Nourishing the brain is also undoubtedly important in this process, but proper sleep should be an obligatory addition to it. It is he who improves memory and concentration, thanks to which your productivity increases. In addition, good sleep reduces the chances of getting mental disorders, depression, etc., which are extremely harmful to our psyche. Among other things,.

2.Life expectancy

We all dream of being immortal, like vampires from popular fairy tales and films. But this is impossible. And yet, why do we ourselves shorten our life span by refusing to sleep? Its deficiency reduces our lifespan. Perhaps it is this fact that can convince you that sleep is extremely important in our life. Many studies show that if we do not sleep as much as our body requires, we are likely to live less than those people who listen to their bodies. So remember, by shortening your sleep time, you are shortening your life span. Therefore, think before choosing work over sleep, otherwise you can pay dearly for it.


The strength of our body lies in the fact that it protects itself with the help of its immune system. We do not get a runny nose, cough, etc., if the immune system is working properly, but everyone knows that it suffers in the absence of proper sleep. Yes, yes, according to research, this is exactly the case. The immune system acts as a kind of fighter in our body. It expels all viruses and diseases from the human body. Therefore, if we do not sleep as much as necessary, we become more susceptible to disease. So sleep more if you want to boost your immunity.

4 recovery

Daily recuperation is extremely important, because this is the only way we can replenish our physical and mental activity, which significantly increases performance. As noted earlier, the morning can only be truly awake after a good night’s sleep. In addition, it is recovery that helps a person feel energized and enthusiastic. During sleep, your entire body relaxes from crown to fingertips. During the day, you spend all your energy on work, and at night, your activity is restored. Thus, provide the body with proper sleep and be full of energy.

5.Good morning

Each of us wants to feel attractive and full of energy in the morning, but, unfortunately, usually we are lucky only on weekends and holidays. But now you can make every morning really good! A good sleep can undoubtedly make your awakening less painful. If you get enough sleep every night, your body performs all biological processes. For example, at this time, the kidneys begin to effectively perform their functions, which ultimately activates the work of the entire digestive system. Moreover, when you wake up, you feel both physically and mentally rested for this, which ultimately gives your morning a positive attitude.


We all work by the sweat of our brow and may stay up all night to earn a living. Of course, you can give up sleep and work even harder, but rest assured that this will lead to serious problems in the future. Lack of sleep can …

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