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Aluminum hoop – “I want to twist and twist to be slim. “

Good day!

The problem of excess weight haunted me from the age of 20, when I went to college. Affected by a hereditary predisposition to obesity. But the bonus for me was the fact that I quickly gained, and with proper nutrition and basic exercise, I also lost weight quickly. It was like that until I gave birth. At first, there was breastfeeding, then I just got hungry. Short-term diets were only temporary. And I wanted to have a slender figure. Moreover, the daughter is growing up, for the sake of which I still want to be an example.

In the fight against extra pounds, I developed an individual diet for myself, began to observe the water regime, stopped eating after 18 hours (I go to bed no later than 22 hours), began to study at home, and also, I bought myself a hoop to shape my waist.

I will say right away that my choice fell on a simple aluminum hoop, since my goal at this stage is still to highlight the waist, in the future, perhaps I will also buy a massage one.

As long as I have enough aluminum, it is quite heavy.

You can buy a hoop at every sports store.

At the moment, I have been spinning a review for a month.

I’ll tell you right away what you shouldn’t expect from the daily twisting of an aluminum hoop.

1. Losing weight without additional measures, such as proper nutrition, or at least restricting food intake, and of course additional activities.

2. Remove the sides and stomach.

However, with the help of exercises with a hoop, you can easily tighten the skin a little, and also remove a couple of cm from the waist.

Now, regarding how long it takes to turn the hoop

You need to start with reasonable loads – about 5 minutes will be enough for the first 2 days. See how you feel. I started the first two days for 5 minutes 2 times a day, then 3 days for 10 minutes 2 times a day, and after a week I began to twist the hoop for 30 minutes a day at a time, when the child was asleep, usually my classes fell on the daytime sleep.

Attention!!! People who have the slightest problems with the spine cannot turn the hoop. Only this simulator will not bring you instant weight loss, but it can significantly aggravate existing back problems.

How to properly twist the hoop to get the maximum effect

In general, at first I recommend that you twist the review in a thick shirt so that the body gets used to it and the next day you do not shrink from the pain of bruises.

Secondly, try to put your feet next to each other, not shoulder-width apart. This will maximize the load, more muscles will be involved, which means you will get the desired result faster.

Contraindications to classes with a hoop

– pregnant women;

– women who have recently undergone a cesarean section;

– women during menstruation;

– elderly people;

– people with skin diseases, open wounds or fresh sutures on the skin;

– people with back and abdominal injuries.


I believe that only classes with a hoop will not bring you the desired result, but if you combine the twisting of the hoop with proper nutrition and physical activity, then in a month you can outline your waist well and reduce it in volume.


Of course, I recommend classes with a hoop as an element of an integrated approach, provided that you have no contraindications.

Health to you and your children.

Respectfully, Your Mom_I

Plastic hoop Hulla Hoop Hula Hoop – “How I lost 26 kg and made my stomach flat. + pictures “

Once upon a time at school I weighed 78 kilograms. I tried not to eat flour and sweets, but nothing worked for me. I got even more fat, seizing the stress of being fat)) But after school I pulled myself together and began to lose weight. I tell you about how I lost weight from 78 to 52 kilograms here. But losing weight without sports is not recommended, as the skin will sag. Therefore, I did everything I could, every day devoting at least half an hour to sports (usually these were simple exercises, for example, light aerobics at home).

When I managed to lose weight to about 60 kilograms, I began to twist the massage hoop to make myself a thin waist. At first, I twisted 15 minutes a day, because everything starts to hurt from this hoop. A day after the first lesson, I got bruises from him. But beauty is dearer to me)) Therefore, I continued to twist it every day, adding 5 minutes a day. So I got there two hours a day. I was spinning the hoop in the evening while watching the series.

I have been doing this for half a year, while doing light exercises every day (swinging abs, squatting, etc.). My waist has become more beautiful:

But the hoop didn’t get rid of the tummy. From him, I recommend this exercise, which will only take 20 minutes a day, and now his stomach is flat from him:

And of course I recommend this hoop! But along with other exercises, of course.

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