Slimming workouts at home for women – A set of exercises for losing weight at home for every day for women: video

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Slimming exercises for women at home. Full body workout complex

What if you need to lose weight, but there is no way to visit a fitness club? A good result is achievable at home. Do full body fat burning exercises daily and follow a moderate weight loss diet.

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Effective weight loss exercises

To lose weight, you need to change a sedentary lifestyle that slows down metabolism to the most active one. You should start the morning with exercises, and set aside half an hour of evening time for home workouts. Use every opportunity for physical activity during the day.

For fat burning, it is useful to replace the ride in the elevator by climbing the stairs, and before bedtime take a short walk.

Exercises for the entire muscle corset will provide body tone, and for aesthetic weight loss and maintaining health, it is important to follow simple recommendations:

  • Remove baked goods and bread from the highest grades of flour from the diet.
  • Steam or boil food.
  • There are fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber.
  • Do not eat at night, last meal no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Drink clean water.

Exercise for the whole body – to lose weight and stay in shape is a must. When drawing up a home workout program, it is necessary to take into account the targeted study of problem areas and the state of health. Experienced fitness instructors recommend using effective exercises to strengthen and lose muscle.


“Forward bends” is one of the most effective movements for strengthening and losing weight of the back. To work out the muscles that straighten the spine, you must regularly get up on the “Bridge”.

Information and dilution of the shoulder blades improve blood circulation in the trapezius and rhomboid muscles, and also reduce the fatty layer of the cervical collar zone. Exercise “Plank with dumbbell traction” vigorously burns fat due to the work of the broadest muscles of the back, and “Boat” perfectly copes with cellulite in the lower back.


Dumbbell Bench Press works both types of fibers, making it possible to lose weight without losing muscle mass. Exercise “Push-ups from the wall” women are able to perform a large number of repetitions, thereby providing the necessary intensity for fat burning.

The systematic execution of the “Dry breast” exercise will keep the muscles in good shape, and the static load during the “Squeezing the palms” will add elasticity to the breasts.

Important to remember: Compliance with a diet is a determining factor in weight loss of a woman’s breasts, and physical activity helps to maintain a beautiful shape.


To lose weight on the legs, as well as to work out the muscles of the whole body, various variations of the “Squat” exercise are used. Side lunges will perfectly load the legs from the outside

Exercise “Scissors” or squeezing the ball with your knees will force the adductors to intensively burn fat on the inner thigh. Regular exercise “Bicycle” forms a slender area of ​​the knee and gently works the joints. Calf raises, whether standing or sitting, will reduce swelling and give your shins a relief.


Walking on a stable stool with the knee lifted up is an effective exercise for losing weight.

“Short lunges” purposefully load the hips, give them relief.

When special attention to the inner surface is required, it is necessary to add “Plie-squats” to the set of exercises. To burn fat on the outside of the thigh, you need to practice standing leg swings.


The Deadlift exercise is beneficial for the muscles of almost the entire body and increases the tone of the gluteal muscles. For intensive weight loss of the buttocks, it is necessary to perform “Legs backward” and wide lunges.

Hyperextension is a good alternative to the deadlift and does not stress the knees and quads. The “gluteal bridge” effectively builds muscle volume and reduces fat on the lower back and buttocks. Exercise “Walk on the buttocks” strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, and works the hamstrings.


“Reverse push-ups” with support on a chair or the edge of the sofa, great load on the triceps area, and remove fat from the armpits. The different arm curls tighten and strengthen the anterior shoulder muscle group.

Scissors and Crescent Rotations burn fat evenly from the surface of the hands. “Press dumbbells up” involves the work of the triceps, trapezius and deltoid muscles, creates a beautiful shape of the shoulder girdle.


The regular crunches work great on the upper abdomen, and the Reverse Crunches exercise reduces body fat and strengthens the muscles of the lower abdomen.

“Side and oblique crunches” accentuate the waist, and the exercise “Bends to the sides” gets rid of fat deposits on the sides. “Circular rotations of the legs” have a complex effect on the muscles of the press. To tighten the protruding belly, you must systematically do the “Vacuum” exercise.


For a slender and attractive waist, you should do “Torso Pivots” or “Mill”, which force the oblique abdominal muscles to contract intensively.

Exercise “Turning the legs while lying on the floor” actively burns fat in the problem area, and strengthens the press. “Side bridge” and “Raising the legs while lying on the side” perfectly tone the lateral muscles and reduce waist circumference.


For a noticeable weight loss of the neck, exercises should be done in a comprehensive manner, in the same way as for the muscles of the whole body. The “movable bridge against the wall” should be supplemented by tilting and throwing the head back.

To raise muscle tone, use …

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