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Sports bra, its types and subtleties of choice

A healthy, athletic toned body has become virtually a cult today. And as you know, women’s striving for the ideal knows no limits, therefore, for many of us, visiting fitness clubs, gyms or just playing sports has become, albeit pleasant, but still a duty. Of course, any activity in any kind of sport begins, first of all, with the choice of sports uniforms and footwear, the quality and comfort of which is of great importance. But at the same time, underwear, which is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe, is completely overlooked. This is especially true for a bra, since breast care during physical activity is extremely important. Cuz sports bra should become an integral part of every girl’s sports wardrobe.

Why do you need a sports bra

It would seem that any physical activity affects the body only in a positive way, strengthening and tightening the muscles. But this rule does not work at all when it comes to breasts. The fact is that it does not contain muscle mass, but consists of fat and mammary gland, therefore the risk of getting stretch marks and sagging breasts during exercise is so high. Familiar underwear not only does not cope with the support function, but also aggravates the situation by the fact that it can squeeze and rub the delicate skin.

The way out in this situation is to buy a sports bra., designed specifically for sports. Professional sportswomen cannot do without this accessory for a long time. It has a lot of advantages over its counterparts: it reliably fixes the chest, preventing it from jumping during training, thereby preventing the loss of elasticity; allows the skin to breathe, does not absorb sweat, follows the anatomical shape of the breast, prevents the development of bacteria and does not cause allergies. All these properties are essential in the training process.

Types of sports bras

Many women have a preconceived attitude towards this accessory for one simple reason – the unaestheticness of such models. Of course, this option is not for dating, but it is quite possible to find a cute enough model. In addition, their main purpose is comfort and level of chest fixation during training, not temptation at all. It is by this criterion that they are divided into types.

When practicing different sports, the load on certain zones can vary significantly. Therefore, bras have been developed that have several degrees of breast fixation. The smallest, as a rule, is in demand by lovers of Pilates, yoga or just active walking, since in the process of such activity, the chest is not too involved, therefore moderate support is enough. Medium fixation is needed during strength training, dancing, figure skating, roller skating. The most powerful is used by professional athletes or fans of step, aerobics, running or horse riding. Also, such a bra for sports is recommended for women involved in freestyle wrestling, tai-bo and other types of martial arts.

The second criterion by which sportswear is divided is the fixation method. According to this principle, slimming and supporting bodices are distinguished. The first option is ideal for breasts of size B and smaller, as there is no need for strong support due to the low weight of the breasts. Such bras are more like cropped T-shirts, since they do not have cups, but the denser fabric, the presence of the chest line and anatomical back give out underwear in them. Supportive bras are used for cup sizes C and above. The peculiarity of such bras is the presence of cups and a wide chest line, since they are simply necessary for fixing large volumes.

How to choose a sports bra

If many people are accustomed to buying underwear “by eye”, focusing solely on knowing their own parameters, then when choosing underwear for sports, many more factors must be taken into account. So how do you find a quality model?

It is worth starting with determining the level of fixation you need, the desired option is quite simple to determine by the width of the chest line, since the larger it is, the better the supporting effect will be. It is also worth paying attention to the width of the straps: the minimum allowable is 2.5 cm, but for better support, wider ones are needed. The photo shows how a good sports bra should look like.

As a rule, a distinctive feature of high-quality models is the presence of flexible metal or plastic inserts in the cups that serve as a frame for the chest, as well as mesh inserts necessary to improve air circulation and remove moisture. You can determine the type of fabric and the main direction of the bra based on the markings on the label. So, the Anti-Microbial inscription indicates the presence of antibacterial impregnation, Off-Set Seams – the absence of internal seams, Moisture Wicking – high moisture absorption properties.

Particular attention should be paid to the fitting process. In addition to choosing the right size, you need to evaluate its comfort. The bra should not squeeze too much and pinch the skin, it is also undesirable for it to “bounce” when raising your hands, since such models will rub the skin. To identify this early, try to repeat the training movements or simply bend or wave your arms. If there is no discomfort in movement, this is what you need.

In the process of wearing, try to care for the bra properly, wash taking into account …

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