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how to choose a bra and top for fitness

Sports Bra: How to Choose a Fitness Bra and Top

That is why it is important for girls to pick up one more piece of equipment. We are talking about sports tops and bras, or bras – special supportive underwear. This is especially true for girls with large breasts, but it is relevant for any cup size. A properly selected sports bra is a guarantee of the absence of chafing, pain, stretch marks and, most importantly, sagging breasts.

The owners of the more modest cup sizes A and B are also at risk, although they often do not realize this. Small breasts during serious workouts, full of dynamics, do not interfere and do not cause much discomfort, therefore, they often simply do not think about the selection of special underwear for fitness. They buy more or less tight tops or regular soft bras, sometimes completely ignoring underwear.

Unfortunately, this is a very wrong position, since any physical body obeys the forces of gravity, even if the body has a minimum chest size. Therefore, before doing any sport – yoga, jogging, weightlifting, crossfit or regular aerobics, you need to take care of the health and appearance of the mammary glands.

What bras should not be worn for training

The first rule is no thin straps. Second, it is better to choose a sconce with separate cups. Third, the top should be tight and tight enough to provide constant support for the chest in any position, even if you are standing on your head. The wrong underwear can ruin both your workout and the shape of your breasts.

It is not worth working in the usual, even very comfortable underwear – it was created for other functions. Standard bras support the breast “at rest”, they are designed to make a woman more attractive. Some – by their invisibility, hence the thin flesh-colored shoulder straps and “bones”, others – by their own attractive look with lace and braid. All this during training will rub and squeeze the chest.

In addition, the material is important, it must necessarily be modern synthetic for sports, which wicks away sweat well and allows the skin to breathe. Therefore, a sports bra can be bought as a set with panties or shorts made of the same fabric.

In fact, the main function of a sports bra is to force the chest to be in one position, it should not “jump” or leave the cups. When choosing, it is important to understand what type of activity you are going to engage in, since manufacturers divide bras according to the degree of breast support: from easy walks and yoga to intense training. Of course, you also need to know exactly the girth of the chest and the volume of the mammary glands themselves (size), to adequately assess the elasticity of the breasts.

All sports tops and bras can take care of the breasts in two ways: they either support the breasts or they tighten. Accordingly, the first – with cups, the second – without. Breast fixing bras are made of elastic fabric of high elasticity, shaping underwear in most cases will suit girls with A and AA cups for most types of activity and B – for low-intensity fitness classes. Bras that support the chest, have tight cups and are suitable for girls with a magnificent bust.

The straps (instead of straps) should be wide enough so as not to cut into the skin and hold the chest securely, their minimum width is 2.5 centimeters. If they have fasteners or length adjusters, you should also check that they do not create discomfort. For more impressive breast sizes, the bra has a special wide elastic band that runs around the entire circumference under the cups, its role is to support and raise the mammary glands.

Go for seamless designs with ventilated mesh panels. In the fitting room, you will not only need to make sure that you look attractive in a sports top or bra, but also check the clothes in action. This is the same sports equipment as sneakers – you need to do a few exercises, bends, jumps. Spread your arms out, raise them above your head. Make sure your chest is not trying to “run away.”

If your choice is a compression top (no cups), check the pull-down strength. The underwear should not choke you or press on the ribs, such a top will be harmful to the chest. Remember that during training the biggest danger for the chest is its shock “throws” down, which may look sexy for men, and for the mammary glands are fraught with stretching, lowering and impaired physiological functions.

Choose a shaping top according to your activity level, it should be indicated on the table attached to the price tag. Remember that a low intensity top will not be able to hold your chest securely during dynamic activities.

Fabric – only sports synthetics, no cotton, look for words on the price tag Moisture wicking, Coolmax or Drifit… Some tops and sconces are impregnated with a special antibacterial compound that prevents unpleasant odors from perspiration.

If you want a sconce with cups, choose one that is exactly the right size. In ordinary bras, the cups, as a rule, are slightly larger than the volume of the mammary glands – the breast lies in them. Sports cups “hold” the chest like the palms of your beloved man and do not let her go crazy while jumping, “catch” when bending down.

Try to pay attention to color and appearance last. All other parameters are much more important, so either do not stop in search of the perfect lingerie for …

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