Sports Dietetics training – where to study to be a Doctor and Nutrition Consultant

Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

Fitness instructor courses. Training under the program “Sports Dietetics” / Professional training programs / Training / Graduate School of Fitness

The target audience:

The course is designed for fitness trainers and instructors who want to acquire knowledge in a new direction. But at the same time, the material is compiled in an understandable and accessible way, so anyone can take the training. You will receive all the necessary theoretical knowledge during the training.


After completing our training course for instructors in the program “Sports Dietetics”, students will have the ability to navigate the modern market of sports nutrition and supplements, discover the types of biochemical processes in the body, get acquainted with various nutrition systems, with the concept of sports diet, etc. …

We recommend that you recall the school course in biology and human anatomy before going through the training: this will help you learn the material faster and more effectively and learn to apply the knowledge gained in practice. Upon completion of the course, all participants receive a Certificate and a Certificate of completion of the training course for the program “Sports Dietetics” of the established form.

“Proteins fats carbohydrates”
-classification of proteins, fats and carbohydrates by chemical properties.
-features of food products and their composition.
-norms of physiological needs for nutrients

“Sports supplements (sports nutrition)”
-classification of sports supplements
– protein supplements, their variety, features and properties, recommendations for use
-protein-carbohydrate mixtures, their variety, features and properties, recommendations for use
-amino acid complexes, their variety, features and properties, recommendations for use

“Sports supplements (sports nutrition)”

– creatine, its properties, effect and recommendations for use
– anabolic complexes, their variety, features and properties, recommendations for use
-fat burners, their variety, features and properties, recommendations for use
-vitamins and minerals, their variety, features and properties, recommendations for use

“Digestive system”
– organs of the digestive system and their functions
– digestive processes, the splitting of complex substances into simple ones.

– features of the fermentation process in digestion
– synthesis of new molecules and substances in the process of digestion

“Testing by topic”

“Endocrine system”
– glands, their functions, the hormones they secrete.
– hormones, their functions and effects on the body

Calorie and Nutrient Requirements Formulas
– Methods for calculating basal metabolic rate
– analysis of activity coefficients for calculating the daily rate of calorie consumption.

“Drawing up a meal plan”
– how many meals should be in a person’s daily diet
-how to distribute food for each meal
-what percentage of proteins / fats / carbohydrates
A must have in every meal
– the rate of fluid consumption during the day.

“Testing by topic”

“Variety of diets”
-the technique of protein-carbohydrate alternation. how to work with this technique.
– KETO diets, what a ketone diet is, how does it work, how to build a plan for this method
– methods of building a calorie deficit. which calorie deficit is not dangerous for the body. how to properly manipulate a calorie deficit.

“Practical work on topic 10”.

“Gaining muscle mass”
-biochemistry of muscle cells, types of muscle fibers, features of their growth.
-aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis
– hypertrophy of myofibrils, hypertrophy of sarcoplasm

“Gaining muscle mass”
-schemes for building a diet, a set of necessary foods, building a calorie surplus.
-Connection of sports supplements to accelerate muscle growth.

“Burning fat. Drying”
– Schemes for reducing the calorie content of the diet, cutting carbohydrates. What foods should be included in the drying diet.
-connection of sports supplements to accelerate fat burning processes

“Weight loss with obesity”
– the degree of obesity. Construction of the calorie content of the diet and the distribution of BJU for each degree.
– drawing up a diet: the distribution of meals and food during the day, the distribution of fluid intake.
– the use of dietary supplements to accelerate weight loss and maintain health.

“Final independent work on the passed material”

Distance learning of sports nutritionists-nutritionists – retraining and professional courses

About the International Academy
Expertise and Evaluation

PI “OODPO” International Academy of Expertise and Assessment “prepares sports
nutritionists and nutritionists. And also in 350 other directions in a distance format throughout

License for educational activities No. 1420 dated 04.21.2014.

The Academy was founded in 2013 and, thanks to affordable prices and high quality education, quickly became a federal organization. We have successfully trained more than 10,056 people out of all 85
subjects of the Russian Federation.

The activities of the academy are international in nature. Our alumni include representatives
Germany, Bulgaria, France, Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Armenia, etc.

Our mission: to make high-quality additional professional education as much as possible


MAEE is part of a group of companies, which also includes:

Educational Center “Intellect” Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A.
(, which trains expert appraisers on the basis of a state university: More than 1300 appraisers graduated; 17 years…

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