Sports for pregnant women at home – Sports for pregnant women at home. Sports for pregnant women

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Sports for pregnant women at home. Sports for pregnant women

“The most beautiful figure is in a pregnant woman!” A familiar saying ?! Of course, everything is so, and no one will argue with this. But the fair sex has strived, strive and will strive to look stunning. And for this, first of all, you need to keep yourself in good physical shape, and the period of bearing a baby is no exception. There are sports for pregnant women. They are nothing unusual. These are types of sports activities, the main requirement for which is a moderate level of difficulty and a minimum load on certain muscle groups.

What to give preference to?

Sports for pregnant women are swimming, cycling, and hiking. Let’s consider them in more detail.


The benefits of swimming in the pool, in particular swimming, are difficult to underestimate. Water contributes to the maintenance and relaxation of the whole body, the so-called feeling of weightlessness arises – a state in which every pregnant girl will feel most comfortable. Expectant mothers are allowed to swim during the entire period of gestation.

Bicycle riding

This kind of sport for pregnant women is an ideal way to keep fit for those who know how to ride a two-wheeled vehicle. However, it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to take cycling alone, due to the fact that coordination is impaired, and it may be difficult to climb on and off the bike. Remember this, do not overestimate your capabilities, because this can lead to a fall, which, in turn, is dangerous not only for you, but also for the baby.

It’s another matter if you have a training bike. Sports for pregnant women on it are both useful and absolutely safe.


Walking has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the expectant mother. You should start with walking short distances, gradually increasing them. It is allowed to walk up to 4 km per day at a moderate pace in the first and second trimesters and up to 2 km at a slow pace in the third trimester.


Pregnant women are allowed to run, but after consulting a doctor. If the process of bearing a fetus proceeds without complications, then this sport for pregnant women is suitable for you. Otherwise, you will have to give up running classes.

Forgotten what?

Prenatal sports can also include table tennis and golf. They do not pose any danger, but they are not particularly useful.

Equestrian sports, water skiing are contraindicated.

Bowling for pregnant women is quite acceptable, however, at a later date, it requires caution, since there is a high probability of stretching the spinal muscles. In addition, the sense of balance in expectant mothers is disturbed, which means that it will be difficult to throw balls.

Sport for pregnant women, which involves skiing, is more acceptable in the early stages, provided that the gestation proceeds normally, without complications. In the later stages, such exercises are not recommended, since there is a huge risk of falling, which can be fraught with undesirable consequences.

Classes at home

If you need a pool for swimming, and a two-wheeled vehicle for cycling, then for some physical activity you only need the desire of the woman herself. Fitness, aerobics, yoga, gymnastics are great sports for pregnant women at home.

First trimester. Mostly all exercises should be aimed at normalizing and developing a sense of coordination, which noticeably worsens during the period of gestation.

Standing exercises

  • Starting position: head tilted, upper limbs relaxed. Exhale. Raise your head and take the upper limbs behind your back, put on the floor – inhale. Tilt your head to the right / left – exhale. Take a starting position, exhale. Duration of execution: 3-6 times.
  • Starting position: right and left hand in front of you, keep your fingers in a fist. Breathe in. Relax the hands of the upper extremities by shaking movements 7-8 times. Exhale. Do it no more than 6 times.
  • Starting position: your fingertips touch your shoulders. While inhaling, at a slow pace, bring the elbows in front of the chest, then raise them as high as possible and throw them back so that the upper thoracic region bends. Re-accept the original position. Exhalation. Perform 3-6 times.
  • Starting position: feet shoulder width apart. Half-squat with your arms down and back. Exhale. To rise – inhale. Do the exercise 4-12 times.
  • Starting position: the legs are shoulder-width apart, the hands of the upper limbs are connected at the back. Take your arms down so that the chest part of the spine bends, while pulling in the anus. Breathe in. Return to starting position. Exhale. Perform a maximum of 15 times.
  • Starting position: feet shoulder-width apart, arms raised. Lean forward, upper limbs also pushing forward. Relax your shoulders, bend your back, hang your arms down, giving them complete freedom. Take the original stance. Do it 4-6 times.

Sitting exercise

  • Starting position: spread the lower limbs wide, hands on the belt. Touch the toe of the right leg with your left hand. Exhale. Take the original position. Breathe in. Repeat similar actions, alternately changing hands. Perform 4-10 times.

  • Starting position: legs straight in front of you. We pull the socks forward, and then in the opposite direction, tensing them. In this case, the heels should be in a constant position. Do it, starting at 4 times, gradually increasing the load, but the maximum …

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