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Sports nutrition in the form of amino acids represented by powders, tablets, capsules and liquid. There is no fundamental difference between them, since the rate of absorption mostly depends on the protein from which they were made, but liquid amino acids are absorbed a little faster. In addition, they can be diluted in water and taken during training, which allows you to promote metabolism, energy and prevent catabolism. In fact, this sports supplement is no different from protein, except for the cost, therefore, if you are financially limited, then you should use protein as a source of additional protein.

Sports nutrition in the form of amino acids can be used to solve more specific problems. For example, take them during training, in the morning, immediately after training, during “drying” and in other special circumstances. The most effective sports supplement from the group of amino acids is BCAA, since muscles are composed of 35% of them, and the body is also able to synthesize other amino acids from them, therefore their use makes the protein entering the body more complete. And protein is absorbed only when it is represented by all 20 amino acids in a natural ratio. If you eat a lot of protein, but do not receive any amino acids, then the excess protein is utilized as energy.

Type of amino acids Benefits Recommendations
Free form They do not require processing, they immediately enter the muscles, preventing their catabolism. It is recommended to take the drug only during training, or immediately after.
Hydrolyzed form Despite the fact that amino acids are in a bound form, it is absorbed quickly. It is recommended to take it before training, after it and in the morning.
Di and tripeptide form There are no visible advantages over other forms of amino acids. It is recommended to take it before training, after it and in the morning.

Sports nutrition: amino acids – types

Are amino acids that contain all 20 alpha amino acids that make up protein. In fact, this sports nutrition in the form of complex amino acids is absolutely identical to protein, but it costs much more. The only advantage is that they are more convenient to take, since taking 10-20 tablets with you is more convenient than taking a jar of protein. Amino acids are absorbed, of course, faster, since they are already a product of protein processing, which can be useful at the end of a workout. The advantage is not significant, but, yes, the result, especially on “drying”, will be better if at the end of the workout you take complex amino acids, and not protein. Also, these amino acids can be useful in the morning, since the body is deficient in nutrients in the morning, so the sooner you prevent catabolism, the better.

BCAA – this is a type of sports nutrition that is recommended to be taken, both on “drying” and during weight gain and study of strength indicators. BCAA’s are the most sought after amino acids, especially important in building muscle tissue, which is why bodybuilders are advised to take this supplement. It is best to take BCAAs before and after training, you can also take them in the morning, and it is advisable to take them separately so as not to slow down the rate of their absorption. It is recommended to use them during “drying”, as a way to preserve muscle mass, to speed up the process of utilization of subcutaneous fat and a way to accelerate metabolism. Do you need to take BCAAs? No, but it is one of three sports supplements that can have a significant impact on the bottom line of training.

Selected Are sports supplements that consist of a single amino acid. The most popular are glutamine and carnitine, although their importance is overrated. Yes, carnitine promotes the release of lipids, which accelerates their utilization, so during the “drying” this supplement can contribute to fat burning. But the value of carnitine is overestimated by manufacturers of sports nutrition, since carnitine works only in conjunction with diet and training, but it works, you can be sure. But the value of glutamine is questionable, since studies have been conducted that showed that athletes did not achieve a visible result using this amino acid.

Output: from sports nutrition in the form of amino acids, it definitely makes sense to take BCAA, moreover, during any stage of training. There is no point in taking complex amino acids, it is better to drink protein, but if the money issue is not important at all, then, of course, they will also be useful. You need to take individual amino acids if for some reason you lack them, for example, you do not eat any foods that contain them, or something like that. Most importantly, remember that amino acids are a supplement, not a staple diet, so they can only help you achieve your goals if you eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and exercise regularly.

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