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Sports nutrition preparations – their purpose, classification, rating

Not all of us can boast of a flawless figure with ideal parameters. And even someone who has not been cheated by nature often finds certain flaws in himself, trying to correct them with the help of physical exertion and, thus, bring his body to perfection.

This applies to both women and men. But, if the beautiful half of humanity is chasing a slender body and fit forms, then the strong one is after sports performance: increasing strength, building muscle mass.

Sports nutrition preparations

To achieve them, people regularly go in for sports, lead an active lifestyle, and monitor their diet. In addition, specially for these purposes, specialists have developed sports nutrition preparations, equated to dietary supplements, and are designed to improve all physical indicators. They lead to the normalization of metabolism, strengthening of immunity, and more effective muscle building. At the same time, these drugs do not cause any harm to the body, and lead to a higher quality and longer standard of living.

This group of drugs is developed by leading experts in the field of nutrition and physiology, before the release of each type of sports nutrition, thorough medical tests and scientific research are carried out so that each component is selected most accurately and in the best way combined with the rest of the components. At the same time, these preparations are made only from natural ingredients and using innovative technological equipment.

Advantages of sports nutrition preparations

The advantages of sports nutrition preparations are their instant digestion and absorption, high energy value and good health for many hours after taking them. They are not medical drugs or chemical steroids, they are not addictive and do not contain components harmful to the body. They also have nothing to do with pharmacological agents taken by professional athletes or any kind of doping.

Another advantage of sports nutrition preparations is the ability to avoid overeating, which, in turn, helps

get rid of unnecessary stress on the stomach.

Sports nutrition is a healthy vitamin supplement that can enrich the diet of every person. In other words, it is an ordinary healthy food, only in a concentrated form. At the same time, in no case should you completely replace ordinary dishes with sports drugs, because their effect is most effective when added to the main diet.

Sports Nutrition Categories

There are many categories of sports nutrition. So, the most famous include:

– vitamin and mineral complexes;

– protein;

– L-carnitine;

– collagen;

– caffeine;

– drugs designed to increase the level of testosterone in the blood;

– carbohydrate-protein mixtures;

– glutamine;

– arginine;

– amino acids;

– deanol;

– anti-catabolics.


Protein, which is the best drug for gaining muscle mass, renews the amount of protein that is consumed during active physical activity. It is a basic element of any complex of sports nutrition, designed to accelerate the set of muscle mass and restore it after training. The amino acids supplied by protein are involved in the construction of all cells in the human body. Leads to the production of hemoglobin. Protein shakes are in the greatest demand in sports nutrition. Whichever type of protein you choose – whey protein, casein protein, soy protein – any of them will charge the body with useful elements in the shortest possible time.

So, whey protein leads to the loss of extra pounds, lowers cholesterol levels, and increases the body’s performance. Its positive results in the treatment of cancer are also known.

Soy protein is necessary for those athletes who prefer plant foods, as it is a supplier of an important and always necessary element for the human body – lecithin, which fights against radionuclides.


Not a single complex for gaining muscle mass can do without creatine, since it gives the body strength and endurance. In athletes engaged in strength training, it increases the level of physical performance. To maximize the effectiveness of training in sports such as sprinting, martial arts, you should introduce creatine into your diet. At the same time, studies have shown that the younger the athlete is, the better creatine is absorbed, and vice versa. An additional beneficial effect is provided by creatine for those individuals who do not eat animal fats. Its constant intake leads to a decrease in efficiency, so it is better to take it periodically.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

It is recommended to use vitamin and mineral supplements regardless of the goals set, as they support the general background of the body and strengthen its immunity.


The purpose of gainers is to support the internal resources of the body, they are easily and quickly absorbed and contain many useful substances. They are also indispensable for gaining muscle mass.

Fat burners

For getting rid of excess weight and drawing the relief of muscles, fat burners are recommended for use. They efficiently destroy fat cells and help build lean muscle mass.


Those athletes who are busy are most in need of caffeine …

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