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5 best sports for women over 30

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Modern women have long come to the conclusion that after 30 years everything is just beginning! But in order to stay young, beautiful and healthy as long as possible, you should keep your body in good physical shape.

We are not talking about sports records and achievements – they are for 20-year-olds!

You should not demand the impossible from your body: for example, you can simply improve your body with yoga. But some go further and start taking sports seriously!

Do women need physical activity after 30?

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Needed! And it’s not just about improving your mood. Here are 9 reasons to exercise right now!

  1. Hormones of happiness. As soon as you start moving, your brain releases serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, and possibly others as well. It makes you feel like a happy person!
  2. Reduced stress. When you exercise, the release of stress hormones slows down. The best choices are walking, running, and yoga.
  3. Strength of will. When you exercise your body, you become more focused and able to cope with any stress. As you reach one goal, you start to wonder what else you can do! Running, martial arts and cycling are good at training.
  4. Strengthening the immune system. Exercise increases the activity of the lymphatic system, which helps the body to rid itself of bacteria and carcinogens. Light to moderate exercise, such as a walk or a short jog in the fresh air, helps to improve immunity.
  5. Spine flexibility. Regular stretching training helps to maintain the mobility of the spinal vertebrae so that the whole body can move correctly.
  6. Slimness. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight. With age, it becomes more and more difficult to do without exercise.
  7. Great sleep. Exercising for 20-30 minutes five to six hours before falling asleep oxygenates the body and lowers body temperature. It improves sleep!
  8. Increased energy. The most productive time to work is after your workout.
  9. Decrease in depression and anxiety. Active people are less susceptible to mental disorders than sedentary people.

Have we convinced you? Then you just have to decide on the type of workout that suits you best.

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5 best sports after 30

Here are five sports that will not only get you in top shape quickly, but also make your life happier.

1. Running

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Running is considered one of the best ways to train your cardiovascular system. It is great for women over 30 as it is an easy and natural form of exercise.

To run, all you need to do is step onto the stadium treadmill or walkway. You can train anywhere and in any weather!

The loads in running are purely individual – you can cover distances at speed, or you can run at a slow pace.

Only without fanaticism! When doing this sport, consider your health condition. Even regular running jogging improves the condition of the cardiovascular system, saturates the lungs with oxygen, develops overall endurance and burns calories perfectly.

Before running, it is imperative to warm up and stretch the muscles, since it does not contribute to their flexibility.

For best results, you can combine running with other sports on our list.

2. Boxing

While traditionally boxing is considered a young sport, many fitness trainers recommend the sport to women over the age of 30.

Boxing training is great cardio that includes jumping rope, punching, and balance and reaction exercises.

Training under the supervision of a professional will give you the opportunity to try this sport without risking your health and participating in serious boxing matches.

Important: before you start boxing, be sure to consult your doctor!

3. Swimming

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Swimming is a great way to improve your health without the risk of injury, as water helps maintain body weight.

Swimming does not drain the body as much as running. Thanks to this, you can make your workout longer and more intense.

This sport is great for women over 30 who just want to keep fit. It allows you to achieve good results and significantly improves your well-being.

4. Tennis

This sport consists of a huge amount of jumps and short bursts of energy in between. What is needed for a woman after 30 years!

Running, walking and hitting the ball, which are part of tennis, can improve your physical condition very quickly.

Plus, tennis is a lifelong sport!

5. Crossfit

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Crossfit workouts don’t take long. The work mainly goes with free weights – dumbbells and weights. At its core, CrossFit is a specific fitness system consisting of constantly changing high-intensity exercises. This sport can replace other types of physical activity, since it contains a variety of exercises for all muscle groups.

Circuit training system called “CrossFit” appeared in the United States. It was originally a training method for professional firefighters.

You should start crossfit exercises gradually, loading your body with minimal weights and small …

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