Spring allergies: how to keep them away from home Spring is a period characterized by mild temperatures and the most …

Spring is a period characterized by mild temperatures and the most beautiful blooms, but unfortunately also by allergies. Here’s how to keep them away from home! Simple tricks are enough to enjoy this beautiful season without hassle.


There spring it is one of the most beautiful seasons and is the favorite of many people. However, there is also who instead fears her. The reason it is due to annoying allergies that they strike the most sensitive subjects own in this time.

Let’s try to understand first of all what it is and why they are typical of these months. Then, we want to suggest you a number of practical precautions to be adopted for try to to keep the allergies of spring away from home.


What are spring allergies

Spring allergies are so called because they strike at this time of year. Indeed, during this season there is the flowering of so many species of plants, in particular the grasses.

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Consequently, there is a release of pollen in the air and that’s it that, in sensitive subjects, can involve some annoyances. Those who suffer from pollinosis can have irritation to the eyes, nose and throat if they come into contact with the pollen.

The bad news is that unfortunately that’s enough even just a slight breeze to spread the pollen practically everywhere. For example, it is very easy for it to also arrive inside the house.


How to prevent spring allergies

Because they are a very widespread problem today exist different remedies to prevent spring allergies. Some are natural, others are not and, for example, involve the use of specific drugs.

Instead, we want to give you some simple tips that will be very useful for keeping spring allergies away from home. It is about small tricks which, however they can make a difference.

Spring allergies: how to keep them away from home

Choose carefully when to open the windows

With the arrival of spring the temperatures start to be warmer and it is natural to open windows and balconies to let that cool breeze into the house or to enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays.

This is one of the main mistakes that can be made. By opening the windows, in fact, will enter also the pollen. For this, we recommend keeping them closed as much as possible, above all in the hottest hours of the day.

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However, ventilating the house is always very important. So you can take advantage of the early morning or of the evening late for open windows and let some fresh air pass.


Give up plants

We have said that the spread of pollen in spring is due to the flowering of many plants. So, it goes without saying that one of the first things to do for to prevent allergies from entering the house is to give up flowers.

As beautiful as these are, unfortunately for those with allergies they could be a big problem. In order not to give up a green touch, you can always to choose of the fake seedlings or those fat.

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Avoid rugs and carpets

THE carpets they are very beautiful and also useful to have around the house. However, spring allergy sufferers would better to avoid them. In fact, especially in those with soft hair, Yes they can easily accumulate dust and pollen. The the same is true also for there carpet.

If you don’t want to give up rugs, the only solution is to choose the hairless ones. For example i carpets made of wood, jute or coir can be a good alternative.


Do not enter the house with shoes on

Regardless of allergies, it would be a good practice to take that of do not enter the house with shoes. In fact, these trample roads and outdoor floors that are certainly not clean.

In spring, then, it is not to be excluded that also the pollen can accumulate under the soles. This is very common especially for those who walk in gardens or public parks. We therefore recommend that you leave your shoes outside the door and walk around the house with slippers.


Pay attention to where the clothes hang

Who has a nice large balcony or terrace it will come spontaneous drying clothes there. This way they can dry out outside and with the heat of the sun.

In the spring, however, you have to make sure there are no green spaces around. In fact, the pollen could settle on the laundry clean and then give you problems.


Keep house clean

Finally, to keep spring allergies away from home, A good cleanliness is key. You have to avoid pollen accumulating in the house for this sprinkle a little thicker the furniture and also remember to to wash well i floors.

But be careful, just during these operations some dust could arise. This certainly does not help those who already suffer from spring allergies. To avoid this bothering you, we therefore recommend wear gloves and a mask.


How to keep spring allergies away from home: pictures and photos

In the following gallery you can see all the remedies to keep spring allergies away from home. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the images to find out how!

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