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Squat program “0 to 250” in 30 days – “Squat program” 0 to 250 “in 30 days” through sweat and worn out joints “

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With the squat program “0 to 250 “in 30 days” 3 years ago.

0 to 250 Squat Program 30 Days

At that time, I just had some kind of obsession with sports, or rather the need for it. I tried various programs, exercises, but could not decide what was mine and what was not.

Therefore, when I found out about the program “0 to 250 “in 30 days” then I decided to make up for her lack of physical activity. I still didn’t have a clear training program at that time, and even now I don’t. Excitement also moved me, it seemed that if I cope with the program, I would definitely become a fitness terminator.

The essence of the program is shown in the picture above, nothing complicated: you start with 30 squats, and then with

every day you increase the number by five more. Every fourth day is a day off.

Despite all my sports activity, I was an unprepared person, squatting 30-40 times in two sets.

The first days I coped with the task well, but the further into the forest, the more difficult the program was given to me. She stepped over a hundred with an already squeezed lemon. And then it became more and more difficult: fatigue accumulated, knee joints ached, and the thought of squatting immediately began to feel sick. The joy of training left me, but I did these squats, somehow it was a gray throw. Although now I would probably quit.

I did these 250 squats all the same, the result was really good: butt has become more toned, smoother. I can’t say which is rounder, although it would not hurt. But was it worth it to strain my legs, I did not notice a direct obvious result. Performing 30-40 exercises every day + add something else useful and the result will not be worse.

If you do not continue to practice, then the effect will pass over time. And then for a very long time I could not do this exercise. Therefore, regularity is better than such an extreme marathon.


In general, the program is strange: for beginners it is difficult and possible to erase joints, for experienced ones it is simply not needed.

I’m a squat program “0 to 250 “in 30 days” I do not recommend: is traumatic, and can permanently discourage the craving for sports. My knees still hurt when I remember this program.

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Squat program for 30 days.

Squat program for 30 days.

Day 1: 30.
Day 2: 45.

Day 3: 55.
Day 4: -.
Day 5: 75.
Day 6: 90.
Day 7: 120.
Day 8: 120.
Day 9: 90.
Day 10: 110.
Day 11: 150.
Day 12: 95.
Day 13: 100.
Day 14: -.
Day 15: 150.
Day 16: 125.
Day 17: 150.
Day 18: 100.
Day 19: 115.
Day 20: 125.
Day 21: 100.
Day 22: 70.
Day 23: 140.
Day 24: 170.
Day 25: 90.

26 day: – 27 day: 140 28 day: 100 29 day: 160 30 day: 145.

Squat program for men 30 days

For a squat program for men to be effective, you need to do it intensively and regularly. Don’t try to squeeze the maximum out right away. Start with a small number of reps and sets, gradually increasing them. The optimal number of approaches is five. The break between them should last about a minute. Do a small number of squats at first, and begin the thirty-day program suggested when you can easily do 50 squats in a row.

Below is a table of squats for men, calculated for 30 days. If the specified number of repetitions is difficult for you to do at once, break them into several approaches.


50 times


55 times

60 times


have a rest

70 times


75 times

80 times


have a rest

100 times


105 times

have a rest


130 times


135 times


140 times

have a rest


150 times


155 times


160 times

have a rest


180 times


185 times


190 times

have a rest


220 times


225 times


230 times

have a rest


240 times


250 times

These numbers can be daunting at first. But by completing squats at home for men with a thirty-day course, you will accustom yourself to the load, and the result obtained will motivate you more and more every day. Judging by the reviews, the first results can be seen after a couple of weeks of regular classes. It is recommended that you include various exercises in your program that will help you engage all muscle groups.

Although leg squats for men are very beneficial for both body shape and health, not everyone can do them. The list of contraindications includes diseases of the articular apparatus of the lower extremities, diseases of the spine, hernia, scoliosis, sciatica, and pressure problems. In any case, before giving the body a powerful physical activity, it will not be superfluous to consult a specialist.

Squats will help a man to get the desired physical shape. They have a beneficial effect on both physical fitness and health. Performing them regularly and correctly, you will soon notice a clear change for the better.

Squat program for 30 days – what is the essence

Squats in 30 days will not only make the buttocks elastic and the legs slim, but also improve the metabolic process, increase the overall tone of your body and improve your health. The basis of this program is simple – you need to practice according to the developed scheme, correctly performing squats. The 30-day program has been specially designed to achieve visible results in a short time.

If you want to complicate the task, to a greater extent use all groups of the gluteal muscles and muscles of the thighs, you can do squats for the buttocks with dumbbells or a barbell. The bottom line is to do 250 squats in a month.

During the exercise, try to keep your back straight, do not bend in the lower back. Squat without lifting your heels …

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