Tendances Sneakers : Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow | Featured Features and Opinions

Tendances Sneakers : Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow | Featured Features and Opinions

We analyze Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow one of the many trail running models currently marketed by the German brand. In the last five years, Adidas has given a turn of the helm to its designs, just after the arrival of Boost to the midsoles for trail, creating the Terrex franchise, and growing it with each new season.

Precisely the use of Boost to manage the damping and take advantage of its rebound effect is not the only feature that the Terrex family has benefited from. And it is that, although managing the tread is its job, the fact that Boost is able to work at sub-zero temperatures without losing properties makes it a candy depending on what latitudes or times of the year.

This Terrex Agravic Flow that we are now dealing with is a versatile model, whose appearance in the finish that we have analyzed is so striking because of a new Adidas thread turn to the three stripes of its logo. The large sports equipment distributors live with an eye on fashion and have applied to this model a revision of “Erlkönig” or what is the same, have the characteristic bars of the German brand, as if a zebra-striped design were will try. Observing the midsole, it is obvious that they have managed to attract attention.


The Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow midsole is made of two materials: Boost and EVA. It is very easy to distinguish them, since the grainy aspect of Boost makes it very recognizable, no matter how much the German brand plays camouflage with the vertical stripes. The smooth textured part is EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) material. And the way they are arranged is all along the sole of the foot in such a way that, on the “floor” above it lives EVE and in the one below Boost.

The Boost material is an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, hence the texture that characterizes it. In the past we have explained that its properties were unusual at the time (now the other brands have already reacted) since not only does it have an exceptional capacity for damping and response, but durability is another of its strengths, for its resistance to compaction.

In addition, in other shoes with Boost we have already tested its resistance, also trying to damage it by nailing it with a pointed iron and it is quite resistant, which guarantees that it will respond well to pinches from stones or punctures from branches or rock points.

But undoubtedly a useful feature in the mountains is its ability to work in a very wide range of outdoor temperatures, from 40 ° C to 20 ° C below zero, without losing properties. That means that the Boost material can work well in most latitudes on the planet.

Above Boost, and to a lesser extent, there is the EVA material that, apart from cushioning, will give an extra stability to the cushioning (being a shoe for neutral tread or insole). The drop, the difference in height between the heel and the forefoot, is 7mm.

Before reaching the sole, it must be explained that both the midsole and the sole have a slightly more rounded shape from the metatarsal to the tips of the toes, to facilitate the end of the transition of the tread. Adidas calls this Rocker Shape.


The Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow sole is characterized by using Continental rubber. Made by the tire giant, this durable material provides good grip on any surface, whether it’s wet or dry.

On the other hand, the stud design is surprisingly aggressive, with medium to small sizes and a large distance between studs. This allows that, in case of using them to go fast, the sole responds, thanks to how incisive it is. Rebounding, no flex grooves are necessary as the spacing between the studs itself facilitates flexibility.

Looking at the shoe from the side, it is easy to appreciate the curved profile of the entire front. It is what I commented before that it was Rock Shape. This from the front, but also a little behind, where Adidas has also inverted the sense of the studs, which is known as a countergrip, so that it has a better grip on the descents.


The Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow upper cut shows the contrast between a more or less smooth mesh, with a garish color, and a striped black and white midsole. It is not by chance, it is an effect sought by the German brand to cause a visual impact.

Designs aside, we are talking about a lightweight and breathable mesh constructed in one piece, without seams. It is Engineered Mesh and is reinforced to resist more against scratches and snags.

Actually, it is not one mesh, but two, the exterior full of perforations to achieve high ventilation, and the interior, more dedicated to the comfort of those who wear this Terrex Agravic Flow. In fact, the inner mesh has a bootie structure, which is why Adidas crowns the heel with a thick strap-like strap, to put on quickly without problems.

Everything that is support is highly reinforced. The pins that serve as eyelets are made of synthetic leather and grow on the sides to hold the foot, with the forcefulness that each one needs, when closing the loop.

In the toe we see a useful reinforcement for the toe area, so the mesh resists more without breaking at this point. Whereas, if we jump to the back, at the heel, we find that the buttress is less structured than it might seem. As I said, it is finished with a strap to put on shoes, but also with two reflective elements, one on each side of the heel.

There is an Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow finish in Gore-Tex, 100% polyester. It serves to keep feet dry, as it protects from the elements outside, but allows the material to breathe from the inside out. The problem is that this finish is somewhat more expensive, as it is more elaborate and has a higher level of protection.

One more thing. It goes unnoticed, but glued to the midsole, and with 1.5cm high in its narrowest part, there is a film of thermoplastic material adhered to the mesh all around, turning the shoe completely. Its function is to raise the level of “flooding” of this Agravic Flow to prevent, as far as possible, that water can enter from areas of hardly depth through which we pass, be they puddles or small streams.


When you wear this Terrex Agravic Flow you notice that it is a robust shoe. Not in a bad sense (hard, heavy or such …), but it is well reinforced and, yes, with a somewhat austere touch.

But hey, it is one of those models that is winning with the exits, when it is done on the foot and / or you get used to it. And despite being versatile, I have not tried it in any competition, only in training sessions, of all kinds, and both dry and wet. On land, trails, roads, trails, with and without mud and at no time have I felt insecurity or a bad grip, not even in turns in areas with sandstone. The truth is that the part that has most pleasantly surprised me has been the sole.

The midsole, having tried so many models with Boost, even also with EVA layers on top (several Supernova finishes come to mind), because its good response has not surprised me. It cushions, in a reactive way, it does not linger on irregularities and notes how it holds the sessions, on the way to last.

The upper is what can cost the most to those who come from ultra comfortable shoes. Not because I have not noticed that this shoe is, but because there are models that trying them on in the store already make you feel like a glove and this perhaps is one of those that is not a love at first sight / sensation, but it does take affection as you use it more.


Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow ie a very versatile trail running shoe that we can use mainly for training, in any type of exit, and even in some competition.

And what usually happens in more or less versatile shoes, that, although from the beginning the weight is normal for a trail shoe (310gr for the male finish and 260gr for the female), it depends on how it is used, it will be light. for long and heavy runs in short and explosive competitions.

Terrex Agravic Flow has a good sole (made with Continental rubber), a good midsole (where Boost material predominates) and a very successful upper (breathable but reinforced and with a resistant mesh) is a great combination for any shoe.

The design of this striped finish is already going through the neighborhoods: whoever likes discretion, surely the zebra stripes are not what makes him fall in love with the model the most, but that is what tastes have, that perhaps there are others to whom this is what you like the most.

And although Adidas says that this shoe is going well even if it goes on asphalt, it is better to step on it just enough, come on, when you have to change tracks or territory, and better not base a very high percentage of your training on that surface.

The official price The Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow is € 139.95, while the Gore-Tex finish is available with an official price of € 160.

adidas Terrex Agravic Flow, Men's Sports Shoes, Glory Blue / Core Black / Signal Green, 43 1/3 EU

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