Tendances Sneakers : adidas Ultraboost 19, the long disembarkation

Tendances Sneakers :

adidas Ultraboost 19, the long disembarkation

The running shoe adidas Ultraboost 19 is already between us, practically during all that we take of 2019. In fact, we already gave touches of her in adidas Ultraboost 19, history of a reinvention, a model that arrives to put itself at the top of this historic family of sneakers. The issue is that sometimes announces the arrival of a new shoe and, to another thing, butterfly ... But it is not the case of adidas Ultraboost 19, it is a model that, having arrived several weeks ago, the brand of the three bands You are depositing a lot of energy. We explain why.

And it is that we are not struck by the prominence that this model is having and the importance for the German brand. No wonder, the original Ultraboost was born in a lavish presentation in New York in 2015 and being defined by adidas as "the best running shoe in history" In fact, Ultraboost is still very fit, a good example of this is the recent collaboration with the legendary HBO® TV series Game of Thrones, where adidas has released six different limited edition Ultraboost, representing each of the iconic homes of the Serie.

Today, as then, Ultraboost 19 changes, but to improve the innovations that came from the hand of that original Ultraboost and that other brands have tried to copy, as it is the case of the opening in the heel, to release from pressure the Achilles. adidas achieves Ultraboost 19 maintain the essence, but improving its parts.

Up to four deliveries of Ultraboost, which use the revolutionary compound in 100% of the midsole and to which we dedicate a special article on its 5th anniversary, precede this adidas Ultraboost 19, which comes with a Boost® still improved to further optimize the return of energy.

Setting out in Madrid

A few days ago, in Madrid, adidas presented this shoe to specialized media, led by the elite athletes Javier Guerra and Irene Sánchez-Escribano. Before, Antonio Nieto (Product Technician) and Sara Arcas (Product Manager), had detailed characteristics and qualities of this iconic model.

"Recode, Decode, Repeat" is the new adidas campaign where they propose to forget everything you know about running. For adidas, this is linked to new ways of living running among consumers and adidas Ultraboost 19 connects with this concept. In her, they have reduced of 17 pieces with which Ultraboost was constructed to only 4 main ones in Ultraboost 19.

As we said, the marathoner Javier Guerra and the obstructive Irene Sánchez-Escribano have been able to explain their feelings of use and opinions about this new model of the Ultraboost saga that is characterized by:

  • Have an optimized Boost thanks, in part, to include 20% more Boost and distribute it mostly under the heel.
  • An updated Torsion system design, now Tuned Torsion Spring, which improves flexibility in the forefoot.
  • High performance mesh Primeknit 360 that provides a very high comfort.
  • Buttress of the heel in 3D that provides support but allowing freedom to the heel itself in general and the Achilles in particular.

Run, Boar, Run by Ultraboost 19

And how could it be otherwise, adidas has given the opportunity to the journalist and Youtuber Valenti Sanjuan to test Ultraboost 19. He has surrounded himself with 100 people with the idea of ​​trying them ascending the 712 steps of the Torre de Collserola, the tallest building in the city of Barcelona. In addition, in this challenge to test the shoe has had the stellar support of athletes of the likes of Carles Castillejo, Ingrid Pino and Sheila Avilés.

The test consisted of running up the stairs from the base of the Torre de Collserola, to the Mirador plant, located at 115m, challenge for which they had to overcome 712 steps without rest.

The continuous impacts and the necessary drive to undertake the 712 steps is a good place to test the benefits of the Boost compound, a pre-expanded TPU (which hides some gas capsules that are responsible for the high rebound), lightweight, elastic and pressed with its characteristic granulated shape. Lightness, durability and a great capacity of rebound are the characteristics that best define what you get with Boost.

Valenti Sanjuan and his herd of wild boars have succeeded, despite the fact that the ladder itself was added to the difficulty of the drop, which must be continuously turned by the narrow structure that holds the tower. The use of a highly technological and reactive shoe, such as the new Ultraboost, 19 has undoubtedly contributed to this. This video is proof of this:

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