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ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 | Features, Price and Opinions

asics gel kayano 27 review

We already have the analysis and characteristics of ASICS Gel Kayano 27 one of the most important shoes of the Japanese brand of the almost three decades. And although new and extraordinary models are making it difficult for them, such as the entire series born with Metarun or Metaride (Metarun itself, MetaRide, GlideRide or Evoride are a good example of this) and new ones such as Novablast or the pureblood that is Metaracer, " the Kayano ”arrives, as always, to say that it is loaded with good materials, designs and technologies to continue reigning.

He gets along well with his sister ASICS Gel Nimbus. They don't bother each other: Nimbus stays with runners with a neutral footprint or insoles and Kayano with those who need stability, due to overpronation or even the accumulation of endless runs, which there are also.

Well that's what ASICS Gel Kayano is: a daily training shoe, with important stability control, so those who have overpronation have here one of the best (for many the best) options. Also that group of overweight runners who wonder if this or that shoe will be able to hold them with guarantees. Well, of that, of guarantees of use, the Kayano has been fulfilling for many years, more than many runners have been practicing the race on foot.

The line is very continuous, which is not at all negative in a model that works, and very well. Thus, the materials and reinforcements used leave it at a reasonable weight of 309gr in the case of men and 244gr in that of women. Let's see how everything is distributed.

ASICS Gel Kayano 27 review


The ASICS Gel Kayano 27 midsole continues to define the personality of this shoe. From the outset, it must be made clear that the damping is excellent, very good, and that a series of elements are also used so that this good damping is also stable. For starters, the material is FlyteFoam Propel. Name and surname. And it has an explanation ...

FlyteFoam, patented by ASICS, is a next-generation foam that was first introduced is ASICS Metarun. It is characterized by using natural fibers that will reinforce the structure and provide greater durability compared to the compaction that this part of the shoe traditionally suffers after thousands and thousands of impacts against the ground.

Propel is actually a variant of FlyteFoam, a finish, come on, that is going to do something similar, but in it ASICS has further enhanced the rebound characteristic, also placing it in the area closest to the foot.

The damping chapter does not end here: ASICS uses its well-known GEL damping system to further improve its performance. There is an important portion located on the outside of the heel, helping, above all, to make the cushioning soft and progressive. Also under the metatarsals ASICS places a GEL capsule to improve the impact against the ground of this part of the foot.

And even though it is a lot up to now, we still haven't talked anything about how Gel Kayano works for stability. Here with everything a classic such as Dynamic Duomax, which is nothing more than a material of a higher density located in a strategic area: the one that goes from the inner face of the heel to just under the plantar arch. And it is in this area where runners with excessive pronation tend to sink, which rotates their ankle excessively causing this imbalance. There Dynamic Duomax awaits you in a kind of support.

To finish off that task, there is still a technology, called Space Trusstic (formerly Guidance Trusstic), specified in a piece visible from the sole, and that has a vital function, present in high-end shoes: to help in the transition of the Tread, precisely when the foot swings forward once it has hit the ground and progresses trying to get out for a new stride.

Thus, it can be said that the damping is maximum, and that the stability too, with the permission of ASICS GT-4000, of course 😉

The drop (the difference in height between the heel and the metatarsals is different if we talk about the men's model from the women's. Thus, theirs is 10mm and theirs is 13mm.


The sole of ASICS Gel Kayano 27 is, to the chita shut up, the most groundbreaking part of this latest installment. It is so not because of what it incorporates, but, the other way around: because of what it does not bring. And this time we do not see a common element such as the Guidance Line (a longitudinal line that crossed the shoe from the heel to the toe to help transition the footprint). In its place now it is reminiscent of that large longitudinal groove, now, from the emptying of material under the heel, a thin strip is sensed that practically dies when it reaches the metatarsals.

It seems that ASICS doesn't care much about this issue anymore. Perhaps because the large Space Trusstic piece does its job well and orients the foot in such a way that it is no longer needed. And it is true, if in the previous Kayano Trusstic it was dwarfed, now it is a great consistent plate that embraces much more surface. In any case, the three transversal strips that will facilitate the transition through flexibility are maintained. There are three of them and they cross the area under the metatarsals transversely in such a way that they help to make the final part of the footprint more fluid.

At the back, a horseshoe-shaped sole, segmented into blocks, will help any type of heel entry and also make the moment of impacting and starting the transition more progressive.

The material is no surprise. ASICS continues to rely on AHAR + (ASICS High Abrassion Rubber), or what is the same, a solid rubber to which carbon is added to achieve the most wear resistant rubber of ASICS, there is nothing. That's in the heel, because under the metatarsals, just where adherence is very important, here it is a softer and lighter rubber, it is Light AHAR Sponge.


The ASICS Gel Kayano 27 upper consists of a one-piece mesh in which ASICS has claimed to have better breathability. It is fully perforated by large and elongated holes that will allow great ventilation.

The toe cap again uses a non-visible heat-sealed reinforcement to protect the fingertips. This makes the line of the shoe very smooth to the eye (far away are the leather or synthetic leather reinforcements, robust, but somewhat coarse).

The laces are flat and are passed through six eyelets, leaving a seventh for tightening. In addition, they are passed through a padded tongue with a pin where the laces help to hold it and prevent it from sliding sideways. This gives way to the bowl, which is very padded and with a very smooth fabric and comfortable to the touch. Comfort, that's the word, as the insole is very spongy and also rests on a 2mm footbed of soft foam material.

So much comfort, one of the pillars of this Kayano 27, makes one wonder ... And who does the dirty work? Well, here comes the grossest of the elements of this shoe: Metacluch, or what is the same, the external buttress, as if it were an exoskeleton, and which has a fundamental function and more in a stability shoe: to stabilize the ankle at the worst moment, which is to hit the ground with each stride. Metaclutch manages to keep the ankle in place over and over again with every impact.

To top it all off, ASICS has inserted generous reflective elements here so that anyone wearing these Kayano 27s will be well visible from behind in low light conditions.

Summary and price ASICS Gel Kayano 27

ASICS Gel Kayano is a daily training shoe focused on runners with overpronation who seek excellent cushioning and stability control with all the guarantees, regardless of the weight of the runner or the distance they need to use it.

In any case, there is still a model with even greater ability to control very severe overpronations and very heavy weights, it is ASICS Gel-4000, a model capable of helping in cases where it seems that running is a real problem in terms of to instability and overweight may be.

The ASICS Gel Kayano 27 shoes are an ideal choice for both competition runners and amateurs looking for an everyday shoe that combines comfort and support.

As it is a very comfortable shoe, it will not only be used for training, but also for those who want to use them in long races where the rhythms do not have to be the fastest, far from it.

In the Kayano 27 midsole it repeats FlyteFoam Propel again as cushioning material and is combined with another material of a higher density to control overpronation: Dynamic Duomax. To complete the battery of technologies to stabilize the footprint that the Japanese brand puts in this shoe is Space Trusstic.

The weight is reduced compared to the previous delivery in men, reaching 309gr in them and 244gr in them, while the drop is different depending on the sex. So for men it is 10mm and for women it is 13mm.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 27, Men's Running Shoes, Black Pure Silver, 48 EU
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The official price of ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 is € 180.

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