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ASICS Novablast

asics novablast

The latest technological innovation from ASICS has arrived: Novablast ™, a shoe that apart from providing high performance, also provides a feeling of energy to allow you to feel that you fly in each stride.

ASICS is striving to ensure that the design of the new generation of shoes attracts the youngest runners and runners and, apart from sports performance, Also look for the sensation of flying while running.

For this, ASICS has developed the new midsole with the compound FlyteFoam ™ Blast It offers a soft but responsive cushioning under the feet. The feeling of impulse that ASICS is looking for in Novablast ™ is like jumping on a trampoline as all the energy is concentrated in the sole at the time of the tread providing takeoff to the next. That energy has to help find a good rhythm to feel fast.

Junichiro Tateishi, General Director of the Department of Footwear Research at the ASICS Institute of Sports Sciences, comments: “The new FlyteFoam ™ Blast midsole has been designed for more than just supporting a runner during his career; It has been designed to enjoy even more with our passion, running. ”

The lightness of Novablast ™ (just 275gr in men and 225gr in women), already indicates that it is on the right track. Also thanks to a midsole design that provides lightness and speed, either in training or in competition.

Above, Novablast ™ has a very breathable mesh so that the air circulates and keeps the feet dry and fresh. It is very resistant and the absence of seams makes its use more comfortable and soft.

At the bottom, in contact with the ground, ASICS Novablast ™ uses an ASICS AHARplus ™ rubber sole. This is a compound with a very high resistance to wear that occurs when running on asphalt. A lot of traction and durability to make kilometers and kilometers on the asphalt.

ASICS Novablast ™ is now available worldwide in stores and online. We are already waiting to have it on our feet to offer you an in-depth analysis. Meanwhile, visit ASICS Novablast for more information.

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