Tendances Sneakers : Beat your fastest version. ASICS accelerates with Tokyo in sight

Tendances Sneakers : Beat your fastest version. ASICS accelerates with Tokyo in sight

Running is a delight and a suffering. A perfect combination. The pleasure when we train and compete must be paramount. A component of fun and pleasant sensations for our mind and organism. And the part of suffering, of noticing how the pulsations accelerate, how the body works and we push it a bit to the limit. Fatigue increases, muscles contract and wear out. Another part of the sport in which we would like to leave everything, but once the session is over we are so grateful.

In athletics, delight is obviously vital. In such a long-suffering sport, with such a variety of workouts (‘fartlecks’, series, ‘long runs’ …), pleasure is key. And there the environment plays an essential role. When we run on our favorite roads we like to feel good, look around and feel that we are comfortable, that what surrounds us satisfies us. Obviously we cannot always train in idyllic or magical places, for time, because we have no means or whatever. But if we could choose where to do it, let our imagination run wild, there are places that dazzle …

Running on a track literally embedded in a lush forest? Considered by many to be the most beautiful track in Spain, the truth is that this beauty surrounded by forest in Olot is truly amazing. Inspiring, the Estadi d’Atletisme Tussols-Basil, It was the setting chosen by the Japanese fashion and sports equipment company ASICS to present to its community of athletes and front runners the benefits of the new shoe models that everyone is talking about. And, why not, make it as easy as possible for them to overcome their fastest version in a 5K.

With the presence of top-level athletes such as Andreu Simón and Iván Fernández and voiced by one of the unmistakable voices of the Trail, Jose Antonio de Pablo “DEPA”, the characteristics of this brown beast were presented, very focused on competition and the achievement of great marks such as ASICS Metaspeed Sky, a model that we have already analyzed in depth in this other article.

He also entered the scene ASICS Magic Speed, a shoe that draws on the technological advance acquired with Metaspeed Sky, with the presence of carbon, fast and agile, but with a characteristic to take into account, it moves in a price range closer to the daily training models thus allowing a use more extensive.

Start of the last series of 5k

With the horizon of the Tokyo Olympic Games just a few weeks away, the Japanese brand did not miss the opportunity to show muscle with its technological “weapons” in running that will give a lot to talk about at the feet of the best runners in the world.

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