Tendances Sneakers : Best Skechers running shoes

Tendances Sneakers : Best Skechers running shoes

skechers running shoes

We have compiled the list of best skechers sneakers. The American brand has spent several seasons giving cane to its “Performance” models, based on incorporating more and more technologies and materials that allow them to compete against other brands more rooted in time, as far as Running is concerned (Skechers was founded in 1992).

To shorten the deadlines in terms of technical footwear, among other things, the Californian brand has focused on sneakers that will result Extraordinarily light, yet maintaining great cushioning, both in quantity and in responsiveness or durability.

Another characteristic is the design of models that do not usually have very common aspects among other brands, since Skechers has opted for its own style. This also happens in the colors, usually cheerful and electric, in the line of light footwear they wear.

Probably some of these models will surprise anyone who does not have this American brand at hand, especially due to the weight of its top models. Since they all use Skechers’ proprietary new midsole compound Hyper Burst ™, they have the tagline “Hyper” in the name. Let’s see them.


Skechers GORun Ride 8 Hyper is a training shoe, even for daily use, very valid for runners and runners of light or medium weight and who have a neutral footprint. They have a high midsole profile (33mm at the heel by 27mm at the forefoot) but a relatively low drop: just 6mm. The high height of the midsole helps them to be very cushioned, but the compound that Skechers uses in this Ride 8 makes them, at the same time, light: 204 grams in 7 USA in the girls’ shoes and 247 grams in 9 USA in the shoes. when I was a boy.

In terms of distances, it can range from a 10K to a Marathon, since its lightness and cushioning will allow you to be comfortable and protected.

As is the case in other high-end shoes of the American brand, it has the new Hyper Burst ™ technology, which allows a light platform for the manufacture of the midsole, in addition to providing cushioning, plus a great energy return. Being very breathable, it uses a reinforced asymmetric tongue for a good fit. The sole uses a Goodyear rubber that guarantees high durability. And precisely, in terms of surfaces to use it: better asphalt, although perfectly usable on roads and pressed dirt tracks.

Skechers Go Run Ride 8, Sneakers for Men, Black, 42 ​​EU
Price: € 88.89

Skechers Women's Go Run Ride 8 Hyper, Navy / Pink, 8.5 B

Really, for those who like to train well cushioned and, while the shoes are very, very light, this Skechers GORun Ride 8 fits them perfectly.

The official price of Skechers GORun Ride 8 is € 125.


Skechers GORun 7 Hyper maintains the essence of the GORun saga thanks to its upper that follows the line of its predecessor, although with some small differentiating detail such as that it is formed by a single piece of knit as a sock. GORun 7 Hyper is a training shoe for daily use, neutral and very light, for runners of any weight who have good running technique or are willing to improve it.

Due to its great lightness, it also allows for more quality intensive training. And thanks to the new lightweight structure of the midsole with the new Hyper burst Cushioning technology, it provides great cushioning with very good response. The drop is quite low, 4mm., Combined with the M-Strike technology, which favors the metatarsal impact. That’s where it comes from taking into account the race technique.

100% recommended shoe on asphalt, since the strategic arrangement of the different rubber pieces, some rubber pillars, give a good grip on this type of surface. Another benefit of their distribution is that they favor flexibility. And although it is good on streets and highways, it does not mean that it cannot be used in parks with pressed earth. Traction is going to do it well, but as with all shoes, on the ground it tends to wear out more, but performance, this GORun 7 is going to do well.

The official price of Skechers GO Run7 Hyper is € 135.


Skechers GORun Razor 3 Hyper is a neutral shoe, which could be included in the mixed shoes that are valid for both training and competition. It is focused on runners and runners light / medium weight looking for a super light shoe (181gr) for intensive workouts, such as changes of pace or series. Also for competitions of any distance, although it must be specified that depending on the rhythm of each one, they must be adapted to one distance or another.

Has a very good cushioning, Since it uses the new proprietary technology of Skechers called Hyper Burst Foam. This compound allows an almost non-deformable midsole, recovering its initial state and transmitting an immediate response. He drop is low since it is 4mm.

Skechers Men's GOrun Razor 3 Hyper Running Shoe

The American brand once again relies on Goodyear to assemble a sole by placing the rubber strategically, only where it is necessary. On the top, a translucent mesh has good support in the midfoot, without neglecting breathability.

The official price of Skechers GORun Razor 3 Hyper is € 145.


With Skechers GOMeb Speed ​​6 Hyper we are facing a model inspired by the great North American marathoner, Mebrahtom Keflezighi, alias “Meb”, Olympic medalist in Athens 2004 and winner of the New York and Boston marathons, no less … Well this is the sixth edition that already collects the baggage of a whole saga of a model focused on quality training and competition.

The midsole uses the cushioned, reactive and lightweight Hyper Burst material; but above all, it includes an injected nylon plate in the midfoot area that provides response and stability. The drop, as in other Skechers models, is 4mm. Underneath the outsole, Goodyear® mounts a large base stud, but with blunt notches for great traction.

The mesh is translucent and uses a rip-stop (anti-tear) nylon that gives it several good things: lightness, comfort, breathability and durability. All this in a content weight of 147gr.

The official price of Skechers GOMeb Speed ​​6 Hyper is € 130.


Skechers GORun MaxRoad 4 Hyper is a ultra-cushioned neutral shoe especially suitable for long distance training. It has a very high profile, although a 6mm drop. Those who are looking for a model with which to accumulate kilometers and that, in addition, this is comfortable, have a great ally in this American shoe.

Skechers Women's Go Run MaxRoad 4 Hyper, Black / Purple, 7 B

Despite its strong appearance, it is a very light shoe, since it moves at 238gr in a men’s 9 USA and 178gr in a women’s 7 USA. It really is a very low weight for a daily training shoe. There are competition shoes that weigh more! MaxRoad 4 is aimed at medium-heavyweight runners and runners who train or compete any distance, from a 10K to a Marathon. Or longer races, without complicating life with the rhythms … that to fly there are already options like the fast GORun Razor 3, or if you want to go all out: GORun Speed ​​Elite.

One of the things that attracts attention is the heel strap that helps to put on shoes. It gives way to the rest of the upper, built with a knit type mesh that, comfortably, fits the foot like a sock. The midsole uses Hyper Burst, the compound of the entire technical range that is characterized by cushioning in a light and durable way, as well as offering a lot of response.

The sole is characterized by having durable studs, but softer in the goal area to provide more grip and further soften the tread. The preferred surface for the analyzed model would be asphalt and the rhythms the most consistent with training based on filming.

The official price of Skechers GORun MaxRoad 4 Hyper is € 135.


Skechers GORun Speed ​​Trail Hyper is a Skechers foray into the trail world. He does it hand in hand with this Speed ​​Trail that, as its name suggests, will help move fast in mountain environments thanks to the design and extreme lightness. It weighs only 226g, and that is very little for a trail shoe.

The multi-tapped outsole is made again by Goodyear, the tire brand. This design allows traction on all types of surfaces and in all directions. Going up to the midsole, we find the Hyper Burst compound that gives the collection its name and which is directly responsible not only for the cushioning, but also for the extraordinary low weight of the shoe.

Skechers Go Run Speed ​​Trail Hyper, Black / Multi, 13 D

He drop of Speed ​​Trail is 4mm. Hyper Burst is not the only compound, since a different, very light and highly responsive formulation is used in the toe box: it is Ultra Flight.

At the top we see a much more forceful upper than what Skechers has us used to, although with the same translucent mesh as its “nervous” asphalt sisters. It has more reinforcements, especially around the ankle, with a system by which, when closing the loop, a cord passed around the entire bowl is pulled.

By the way, the laces are semi-flat and are passed through eyelets that are actually straps that go down both sides of the shoe, until they are inserted into the midsole and that close forcefully, hugging the foot and protecting it from the stresses of running. on uneven terrain.

The official price of Skechers GORun Speed ​​Trail is € 115.

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