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Brooks Glycerin 17 | Featured Features and Opinions

Today the analysis corresponds to Brooks Glycerin 17, a daily training shoe for neutral footwear belonging to the Cushion silo (cushioning) of the American brand.

Brooks is a century-old brand that has been spilling over the years from divisions dedicated to other sports with the objective of specializing only and exclusively in athletics. And Glycerin is one of those shoes that over the years have earned a place in the group of "warranty"That every broker has to have in his repertoire of options.

Brooks Glycerin 17 review

Because Glycerin, now in the seventeenth finish, is not only a top model for Brooks Running, it is also a reference for those who want a reliable and, above all, cushioned shoe. Very cushioned

How could it be otherwise, compete against other heavyweights in the industry such as New Balance Fresh Foam 1080, Adidas Solar Glide or Mizuno Wave Ultima, to give some outstanding examples.

Brooks Glycerin barely scratches a few grams compared to his predecessor, Glycerin 16 since most changes occur in the upper, and there is little room for recessing there.

But let's see all the details of this shoe.


The highlight of the Brooks Glycerin 17 midsole is continuity. And it is that one of the most comfortable stockings of the market needs few tweaks, as many as the pattern of Glycerin 16 repeats. This means that the midsole is built with DNA LOFT technology in search of a great balance between reactivity and durability.

The concept of running between clouds It is very recurrent in many brands, and although some abuse it, this Brooks Glycerin 17 deserves to be recognized by the use of an evolution of a technology, in its surprising moment, such as DNA.

DNA is a compound that has the ability to change the way it responds to the step, on the fly.

And "on the fly" is literal.

That is to say, The faster the runner or runner goes, the more resistance to deformation shows, at the same time that more reactive becomes. On the other hand, if the same athlete slows down or wants to slow down that day, the DNA material will cushion more smoothly.

This is because DNA is a polymer with non-Newtonian properties that, applied to running, is able to adapt to every moment of the race (The slower the march, the smoother it behaves and the faster it is and the more hard the floor is kicked, the more firmly it responds).

LOFT is the finish. That is, it is a variant of DNA that increases the effect of achieving a very soft cushioning. This is because the ideal profile of users is not so much those who want to go to the top in competition (which already have material such as mixed shoes or competition shoes), such as those who go to slower paces where comfort and comfort are outstanding values.

There is a strip of bluish color in the photos that runs around the contour of Brooks Glycerin 17. It is located on the border between the midsole and the upper. Being of the same DNA LOFT material, it perfectly shows the part of the midsole that is higher than our sole. Its function is to keep the foot stable in its place, without moving laterally beyond the contour of the shoe itself.

And there is more: the design. Anyone who noticed will notice that the midsole has irregularities on the sides: on the outside irregularly shaped grooves and on the inside, similar shapes protrude from the outline. Everything has its function, and here the slits favor a softer deformation of the material, improving the cushioning, and the excess material on the inside will offer more resistance, here in favor of stability.

The height of the midsole is 24mm in the heel and 14mm in the forefoot. This results in a 10mm drop


The sole of Brooks Glycerin 17 repeats in all its configuration with respect to Glycerin 16: Horseshoe heel and wide forefoot to give stability through a base with a lot of contact with the ground.

In the horseshoe zone, that of the heel, we find the most resistant compound. As this is the part that suffers most from running, it needs a durable material. In addition to being the configuration in horseshoe, this rounded shape will facilitate entry to those who talonean to run, that is, most of those who run at smooth rhythms.

The empty part of the heel favors the cushioning since it allows the part of the shoe that is just above to expand, causing a rebound effect when the material returns to its original position.

The material changes when we move away from the heel and go towards the toe. It's softer here. This helps the shoe to be more adherent and improve comfort, since the impact is not as dry as if the sole were solid rubber.

That the sole here is soft causes that effect that you perceive when running, that, when you enter the heel, you notice how the hardest material hits the ground, without yielding more than the midsole. And, on the other hand, when you already fall with everything and at the same time you transition the tread, you perceive how the cushioning increases, how it is softer. Well, not all the merit here is of the midsole, but that "touch" is given by the softest compound in the sole.

In addition, an element at the design level called "IDEAL Pressure Zones" is present and consists of that distribution in large transverse blocks that distribute the pressure of the footprint itself when running. The great separation between studs, also with transverse grooves, will favor the extraordinary flexibility of Glycerin 17 from minute one.


As I said, the Brooks Glycerin upper 17 is the one that contains the most improvements, if not all, with respect to the previous delivery.

It has a double jacquard-type mesh that gives it that look of soft lines but blunt at the same time. The 3D Fit Print has changed so much that it no longer incorporates the previous sheet that looked like a plastic cover and that we already warned that perhaps it was not the best option in terms of breathability. It seems that the Brooks have picked up the glove, because now this 3D Fit Print is more integrated into the mesh in the form of small strips of PU that hold the foot, but allowing greater breathability.

Since the function is to hold the foot better, we have two of the main features that are required to a good upper cut: breathability and support. And although Brooks achieves in this Glycerin 17 a good grip in the heel and midfoot area, in the front area you leave enough space for the fingers to have some freedom and improve, precisely the ventilation at this point so necessary. Here, in the front area is where you can see the largest holes in the mesh that coincide in both the inner and outer layers.

Following the middle foot, the laces are flat and, although they appear to be short, at the time of closing the loop is more traveled than initially seems. They are passed through the padded tongue, but it would not be necessary since it is integrated forming a structure of type booty. Inside, Brooks has an Ortholite ™ insole that is no less than 5.5mm thick and on a foam footbed that will only increase a great sense of comfort.

On the back a non-visible buttress reinforces the heel area protecting it at the moment of hitting the ground and beginning the transition of the tread.


Brooks Glycerin 17 is a sneaker from daily training for neutral tread or planting. It is focused mainly for those who seek a maximum cushioning and that in addition this one is very smooth.

It can be used by runners and runners of all rhythms, since, as we said, thanks to DNA LOFT, the midsole is able to cushion gently at quiet rhythms and instead be firmer and reactive at fast paces. Even so, I keep saying that shoemaker to your shoes, and if you want a sharper profile this is not exactly the right option. And Brooks precisely offers sneakers more in line with those needs such as Levitate or Ricochet.

The weight of those who dress it can be very varied, although those who are going to get the most potential are going to be runners and runners of medium and heavy weights.

Speaking of weight, these shoes stay on 301gr in the man's finish and 261gr in the woman's. For both sexes the drop is 10mm.

The official price of Brooks Glycerin 17 is € 170.

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