Tendances Sneakers : Days to remember. Brooks Alter Ego Event

Tendances Sneakers : Days to remember. Brooks Alter Ego Event

Once upon a Saturday, September 4, 2021

It is a rule that the events of Brooks and his “Run Happy” do not disappoint, and this Brooks Alter Ego Event which we have attended in Malaga has been no exception.

You never really know what awaits you when the boys in blue summon you, so while I’m packing I say to myself you get on the plane and the sun will rise through Antequera. After a few brief but early hours I find myself in a hotel not far from the sea and, with a sea of ​​balloons and a blue carpet that welcome the very important people that we are.

Brooks Levitate 5 It is the shoe that we are ready to taste. Although the true protagonists will be,

  • the super franchise for which from now on the same Brooks model as Levitate 5, offers up to 4 versions with different level of reinforcement and upper, maintaining the midsole and the soul of the shoe (now I tell you)
  • and the concept of Alter ego defined by Todd Herman who looks in the mirror with the Brooks philosophy of achieving the best version of yourself through running and its values.

In my case, a mammoth muffin preceded the morning training session with the first comers. Sunbeams and sea breeze on the mask kill the time necessary for all the unsuspecting summoned to reach the hotel.

Rigorous food and to the movies. Yes, to the cinema, where we are supplied with popcorn from Goliath’s older brother to introduce us to the new way of managing some Brooks models, and we see a projection on how fascinating and useful our alter egos can be. But let’s talk about sneakers …

Brooks’ new super franchise

Some models are eliminated and others are enriched, offering different finishes and characteristics. Brooks, a brand dedicated exclusively to running for those who do not know it, already offers different lasts in some of its models and, with this maneuver, they allow us to further optimize the shoe to our characteristics and demands.

Let’s start from the base of the key technologies in this model, which are the DNA AMP of its midsole, the 3D Fit Print and the Stealth Fit in the upper. Adding up your stabilization system Guide Rails and depending on how they are combined, we will find Brooks Levitate 5 in 4 versions:

  • Levitate 5 universal fit neutral. It is a very reactive running shoe with great flexibility that will help whoever trains or competes to achieve their goals. This reactivity and energy return is accompanied by a very high energy return, the maximum in Brooks thanks to the DNA AMP material in the midsole. Padded cup, knit upper, arrowhead sole design for a soft and agile footprint, 8mm drop and a weight of 295g / 272g.
  • Levitate 5 GTS universal fit with stand. If you have stability problems, this GTS (Go-To Support) version adds Guide Rails technology to solve it, aligning the body while controlling excess ankle movement helping it to follow a natural movement path. 8mm drop and a weight of 315g / 283g.
  • Levitate 5 Stealth Fit neutral. Maybe the right version for people with whimsical lasts. The new Stealth Fit upper provides a snug fit that wraps the foot for a gap-free fit. The padded cup is replaced by a boot-sock collar that hugs the foot. Drop of 8mm and a weight of 278g / 244g.
  • Levitate 5 GTS Stealth Fit with support. In this case, both the Guide Rails are combined to provide stability and the Stealth Fit in the upper. We continue with the 8mm drop and the result is a weight of 292g / 261g.

Cinema seats were marked with each one’s name, and mine (like everyone’s) was attached to a large box with Todd Herman’s Alter Ego, a T-shirt with your alter ego (based on previous survey), and , above all, a neutral neutral Levitate 5 universal fit that we would debut in a good way that same afternoon in a memorable gymkhana. Here’s a sample that I comfortably pose on the right.

Already with the ripped front of the momentum and 6 kilometers under the sun, the award was given to the winners (among whom I cannot be counted) consisting of the classic but imperishable Fresquito. I don’t know another thing, but these people don’t lack a joke.

Be that as it may, some hour later we were showered and sitting at the tables of a restaurant on the sand of the sea. And you will imagine that after such a day, food and sangria entered my body like the Sun on a spring morning.

The next day the event closed with a running tour through the best corners of Malaga, surrounded by the madness of the Run Happy Team. And if it bothers you that I do not relate what happened from dinner on Saturday until I got up at 8:45 on Sunday after having slept for three hours, you have been invited!

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