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ENERZY Technology from Mizuno - Bolsa del Corredor

It was clear that the Japanese brand Mizuno was cooking something fat for this 2020. Still has surprised the planet running with MIZUNO ENERZY, a revolutionary technology that provides incredible cushioning and also with a high return of energy that is unleashed when running.

In case someone still does not know Mizuno, it must be said that he is a centennial brand originating in Japan. Since 1906, it develops and commercializes sports equipment in disciplines such as running, handball, volleyball, soccer and golf.

The Osaka brand positions itself at the forefront of innovation by achieving a cushioned midsole material that is tremendously soft, responsive and durable. Those who were surprised that Mizuno did not seem to respond to the thrusts of the new battle for midsoles in which many brands are drunk, did not really know that the always discreet brand of Runbird, through its R&D department, carried more two years developing, perfecting and testing this new MIZUNO ENERZY.

And like everything that works well: from all that effort, they have achieved a compound capable of offering 17% more cushioning and 15% greater energy return than other materials produced before by Mizuno. And that ..., that is saying a lot in a brand with very high standards.

This is definitely a new and revolutionary technology that marks a before and after for Mizuno and all the product that arrives from now on. And is that the fact that MIZUNO ENERZY guarantees a great feeling of comfort, great durability and greater return of energy confirms that the Japanese have developed a technology that improves the performance of athletes who use it.

The Japanese brand has demonstrated for many years a great knowledge of how the tread works when running. The most palpable proof is the Mizuno Wave technology, known to practically the entire runner community and that guarantees the experience of this brand in terms of cushioning and stability.

No one like Akira Morita, one of the developers of MIZUNO ENERZY, to give a few brushstrokes of this new technology:
"We are constantly investigating to improve the performance of athletes and the MIZUNO ENERZY is a material developed for that purpose. It is very complete thanks to its damping, reactivity and durability properties, in addition to allowing very little energy loss. Already in the first tests it was clear that it is a material of a higher level ”


Thanks to the extraordinary properties of MIZUNO ENERZY, this technology will arrive at the entrance to various sports: Running, handball and volleyball. In this way, the running shoe Mizuno Wave Rider in its 24th edition will include it, as well as Mizuno Wave Sky 4. For indoor it will reach the new Wave Stealth Neo and Wave Lightning Neo. This from July 1, 2020, although to be conveniently informed of arrivals and news, there is nothing better than visiting the Japanese brand's own website: www.mizuno.com


If the improvement of MIZUNO ENERZY in terms of cushioning, energy return and durability is clear, those from Osaka have already developed an evolution of this material, raising these properties to maximum levels: MIZUNO ENERZY CORE.

It will only be found in very selected models since its special characteristics have brutal numbers: 56% higher energy return and 293% greater damping than other materials previously used by Mizuno.

These exceptional numbers make this material be used inside the midsole, unlike MIZUNO ENERZY, which can be placed anywhere on this part of the shoe. This allows both materials to be combined with each other (ENERZY CORE inside ENERZY) and thus be used in a complementary way between them.
Without a doubt Mizuno Enerzy is going to give a lot to talk about as soon as it starts rolling down the streets.

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