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Fresh Foam X collection in detail

New Balance fresh Foam X

The New Balance Fresh Foam X running shoe collection has arrived to confirm that the pace of the American brand when creating or improving the existing is worthy of praise. If a few years ago we complained that those in Boston were too well-off, perhaps in products that worked for them, yes, but without going any further ... in the last five years the change has been brutal.

To the succession of new technologies applied to the race on foot, he has joined some designs very adapted to each particularity, both of races and runners and runners. Those designs are no longer so sober (they worked, yes, but it seemed you were still wearing 80s shoes ...). As I said, not now, since even the designs are not only cheerful, but, sometimes, groundbreaking.

I don't know (well, I do know 😉) if the New Balance Opens Sports Lab That they have in Massachusetts is to blame. The truth is that it has been open since 2008 and, by noses, is responsible for the enormous arreón that they have given in the last decade. Too the part of D2D (Data To Design), where thousands of runners and brokers are analyzed both professional and amateur, to fine-tune the aim in the designs. So much so that models that work are succeeded by others that work just as well, or better, since the materials that are falling, along with the designs, are getting better.

And this is where we arrived at Fresh Foam X. A new technology appeared five years ago and that after evolving and evolving every season, now makes a leap forward. The "X" is precisely to distinguish from previous models and it is a reformulation to provide this midsole technology with irregular shapes, trying to imitate the imperfect forms and strokes with which nature solves situations that it faces.

What New Balance looks for with Fresh Foam X is a soft and very reactive cushioning that allows you to run comfortably for 100% of its use. In addition, this material must be light, so that it does not matter neither time nor distance.

The outlet collection that fits Fresh Foam X are six models, at the moment: 1080v10, 880 v10, More v2, Iron v5 and 850AT. These are its main features:


New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10 is a daily training shoe valid for all types of runners and runners looking for comfort and day-to-day performance. Although there are those who also use them in racing, especially if they only use one model for everything. Despite being a training shoe, its weight is only 281gr in the finish of man and 238gr in that of woman.

The midsole has an 8mm drop and incorporates Fresh Foam X, while the sole uses a solid rubber for great durability. Under the metatarsals this rubber has less density to improve adhesion, especially on surfaces such as asphalt. Above, the mesh is the Hypoknit type and is responsible for breathability, but also for the support, in the areas of greater tension ... and all while remaining a very light element. Inside the fabric is Ortholite® so that comfort is even greater in a loot-like structure.

The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v10 is € 170


New Balance Fresh Foam 880 v10 is one of the most versatile models of the American brand. Many times in the shadow of his sister 1080, this performance model is ventilated all kinds of workouts, both calm and more nervous depending on what is being prepared.

This is the first 880 finish that Fresh Foam uses in the midsole and it does so directly with “X”, a sign that those in Massachusetts rely on the trajectory of this shoe. The drop in this case stays at 10mm. For the sole it also combines solid rubber with blown rubber, or Blown Rubber ”for the goal zone and have a good traction, grip and durability ratio.

The upper stands out for its classic line with respect to 1080, although it also hides a Hypoknit mesh that provides support and stability in strategic areas. Inside, below the template, we still find a padded footbed to increase comfort during use. From behind, a buttress around the ankle will stabilize it when it hits the ground.

The weight is 304gr in their case, while it is 256gr in theirs.


New Balance More v2 is the settlement of this new model, born in 2019. If in the first installment of More we met a shoe that broke a record in terms of maximum cushioning of the American brand, this review improves the objective of obtaining that type of damping next to a not necessarily high drop, which stays at 4mm. Another surprising factor to be a maximum cushioning shoe is its extraordinary low weight, only 271gr in the finish of man and 223gr in that of woman.

Thus, this second installment offers maximum and light cushioning for those looking for a soft footprint and with enough material under the feet to travel long or very long distances at rates that are not necessarily the fastest on the grid ... although perhaps the more comfortable 😉

With Fresh Foam X for the midsole, the other big change is found in the upper. Now it is more consistent, stronger, without neglecting breathability. The support has also been improved, especially on both sides of the ankle. Behind, the buttress to be stabilized at the time of impact on the ground has been stylized and molded in 3D to not only contain, but also allow it to be used as a shooter when putting on shoes. For the sole, New balance relies on the Ground Contact EVA compound for its great relationship between adhesion and durability. The design of the taqueado shows a clear disposition for hard surfaces such as asphalt and some transversal stretch marks for flexibility. A song to comfort when running.


New Balance Tempo is the premiere of a new model that comes to occupy a space between midsole shoes with soft, but reactive cushioning for those looking for something more nervous on the feet. His aesthetics already indicates that he looks for those runners and runners to whom they are comfortable in terms of cushioning does not deprive them of pretending to go somewhat faster than a simple shoot. Not surprisingly, precisely that design, along with its 6mm drop, mounted on a chassis of just 258gr and 215gr (depending on whether it is the male or female finish), they already say enough of their intentions.

As in all models of this family, comfort is an important value, but thanks to a laser-carved midsole, a sole made of two blocks (stronger on the back, for durability and more adherent on the front, for a better traction), and a superior cut of stylized design, earns the right to transit between workouts and competitions, as a mixed shoe to use.

At the design level, that a shoe is pretty or ugly is very subjective, but I think that in this Tempo there will be consensus that New Balance has achieved a very good finish in a first edition: At first glance, the front part is It looks clean and clear, with just a strip of heat-sealed material to reinforce the area of ​​the fingers, but as the shoe advances, in the midfoot (the area of ​​greatest support), the strength of the mesh is considerable, holding the foot in a safe way. The heel is not only high, but it is topped with a practical strap to make the process of wearing shoes easier.


New Balance All Terrain Fresh Foam Hierro 5 is the new installment of one of the best Trail running shoes on the market as it offers a guarantee in materials and a design that helps both high comfort and high performance.

This is thanks to the new Fresh Foam X midsole material that achieves even better cushioning, lightness and durability than the previous Fresh Foam. This allows it to be used both to pretend to go fast, and to go quiet on the long distance route.

The sole is also Vibram® Megagrip, guarantee of the Italian brand that only serves high-end models and here maintains an excellent relationship between grip, traction on all types of terrain and durability. The upper combines a breathable and lightweight mesh that is protected by a TPU film that prevents sand from entering and other small, but annoying, elements.

The drop is 8mm based on a 28 / 20mm midsole and the weight is 359gr in the finish for men and 299gr in the finish for women.


New Balance 850AT is a new Trail model to complete a tremendous duet along with Hierro 5 and the Fresh Foam X midsole. The first thing that catches the attention of 850AT is the strength of its design and materials that make it a very resistant shoe. Another thing that attracts attention is that the tacking, and the configuration of the midsole itself, will allow this model to move quite well in transitional environments such as tracks and even asphalt, where sometimes Trail shoes lose all their charm.

And it is that the Vibram® Megagrip sole (uses a material of the Italian brand, very durable), is configured with studs that make it very versatile for traction on all types of surfaces.

Above the sole, the midsole is built in Fresh Foam X, how could it be otherwise, and based on heights of 28 / 20mm for an 8mm drop. The upper is absolutely covered with reinforcements and protections that make it ideal in all places, even in aggressive rock or weed environments, for those who get out of the way is not an obstacle. Over the top there are some practical straps, both on the heel and on the tongue itself, whose purpose is to help fit this 850AT better.

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